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  1. Axel's girl1312

    Another Side, Another Story: HD Complete Edition

    I can't even get the game because I don't have a system to play it on.
  2. Axel's girl1312

    Do you Believe....

    I think yes there are some....mostly just Axel/Roxas (AkuRoku) I like that one myslef.....but ohter then that and sora/Riku...I don't really see any thing....my mom just bearly lets me play the games because she does not like AkuRoku at all or any other thing like that...so....I should say no...
  3. Axel's girl1312

    who beat the dustflier

    I'm just gonna say this if the dustflier were real. half the world would be dead....the other half full of the kingdom hearts army would be fine.
  4. Axel's girl1312

    who beat the dustflier

    kay I'll try that later thanks!
  5. Axel's girl1312

    who beat the dustflier

    I can't beat them. I haven't figured out a trick to it yet.
  6. Axel's girl1312

    question about ds.

    you should be fine. like they said if it doesn't say "made for dsi" you'll be fine on that part. and yes there are games mad only for the dsi. like that dumb iCarly game. anyway your ds graphics may suck but hell you've still got the game.
  7. Axel's girl1312

    the Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games. for those of you who've heard of it, good for you. for those of you who've not, climb out from that rock you under. The Hunger Games follows a girl named Katniss Everden, strong, short tempered, and in all awsome. and if I tryed to go any more in to it you get bored and leave...
  8. Axel's girl1312

    sora or riku?

    Riku!! thats an easy thing to chose. I hate sora so much in KH2 but RE:COM was way worse. to much battle and chosing and the card thing for sora sucked. Rikus wasn't much better but atleast you can fight better. and the way sora acts to goofy and donald just ain't right.
  9. Axel's girl1312

    What do you Think about Xion?

    Very nice! I like this theory alot. you a Basterd!! he was just thinking things through.
  10. Axel's girl1312

    What do you Think about Xion?

    I agree Xion is soo cool. Ture but I'm going with SogeUsopp114 because I like there idea better.
  11. Axel's girl1312

    Happy one year!!!!!!(I've been on here for a year)

    It's be one year today since I first joined KHI!!!! so cool!! I never thought I'd be on here for a year. I figured I would've quit KH by now after like seven years. but I'm still going at it. anyway...Happy one year to me!!!! Yeah!!!! Heheh!!
  12. Axel's girl1312

    What do you Think about Xion?

    I've beat the game Six times and I still don't get her.
  13. Axel's girl1312

    What do you Think about Xion?

    I like her but she is a little weird at times. I didn't understand half the stuff she did or why. but I think she had very good reasons to confuse the hell out of everybody. anyway...yeah she's cool.
  14. Axel's girl1312

    "Kingdom Hearts 3D is next." - Nomura

    Hell yes! Finally!!!!! but now I have to buy a 3ds. and I still haven't played BBS do to no PSP. I figure it out how I'm gonna do it though.
  15. Axel's girl1312


    Okay here we go. I'm using this for a school project so please don't shut it down. but here post you favorite song/singer heres mine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnRiLFQJjmA Florence+The Machine "Blinding" So go ahead have fun and again please don't shut this down.
  16. Axel's girl1312

    Have you ever....

    it's a game okay. I'll start by asking whoever post next something but it all has to start with 'Have you ever' I leared it at a camp I went to. after you answer the qustioin you ask one but it must start with 'have you ever' okay lets start. Have you ever walked in the wrong sex's bathroom?
  17. Axel's girl1312

    dose Kairi

    I like thier Idea the best!
  18. Axel's girl1312

    dose Kairi

    you think thing throug. that a good idea too.
  19. Axel's girl1312

    dose Kairi

    She really never said she did. But I think she might still but she just never brings it up.
  20. Axel's girl1312

    I didn't know where to put this so I put it here.

    Okay so I did some thing then another thing and now I'm grounded from the computer for two monthes. But anyway my mom is letting me on for an hour today and don't ask me why she just said I could. so I thought I'd put this out there so my Friends would know waht happened to me when they go...