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    ~ If You Listen Closely ~ Original Romance

    STILL ACCEPTING TEMPLATES! Title is from the Japanese title for 'Whisper of the Heart'. However the RP and the movie aren't linked in any manner. The roleplay is a collab between myself and Suzaku. ~*~*~*~ Dear Student Congratulations! We are delighted to inform you that you have been...
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    Help/Support ► Nearly anorexic?

    Eat slowly, perhaps? Take each bite in turn, eat a small amount of food each time and gradually work your way back into eating normally. <3
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    Help/Support ► My Rival.

    Friends are people you spend time with because you enjoy their company and they enjoy yours. Sounds like he's not really a friend if there's this sort of tension going on. Also I don't have a rival either. o.o <3
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    Help/Support ► I Need Your Advice/Input

    What? Anyway... yeah, nobody likes the thought of their parents having sex but it's a fact of life. Just accept it. Although I see where you're coming from with your mother being in a relationship with this guy. He has a drug problem, and if he's pawning his own brother's stuff then it must be...
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    Help/Support ► Gettin' a kitty cat, what should I call it?

    ^ Seconded. Also, is it a rescue kitty? <3
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    Help/Support ► Grandparents with Alzheimer's

    You need to remember that although her illness is irritating and difficult for him, she is still the person he loves. It must be devastating for someone you love to deny all knowledge of you, and your family. He's probably reluctant to let her go. Your parents are most likely feeling the same...
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    Untitled Fiction

    Okay, so through lack of time, I'm sort of out-of-sync regarding writing. Dx I've had ideas in my head for months but due to exams, and the end of school, I haven't really been able to set them down and work them out. Here's one of them, I guess. I came up with it at work. The beginning is...
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    Help/Support ► Gettin' a kitty cat, what should I call it?

    Name it Spock D: Or Bjork. Give it a really grand name, like Lord -something- III. <3
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    Help/Support ► Hi need feedback!!!

    Who my sister kisses isn't my business. o.o I'd be bothered if he was a lot older though. <3
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    Lunar Dirge

    OOC: General thread, and OOC can be found here. Thread of templates can be found here, and please, please, read through it and get an understanding of each character. It makes things easier for everyone. <3 On with the RP! Night fell quickly over the Hijau archipelago. The crescent moons hung...
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    Help/Support ► helpppppppp girl problemmm

    Make sure you're positive she's bulimic. There's a difference between being upset and losing your appetite a little bit for a few days following something upsetting like this, and her eating then making herself throw up. Look out for suspicious signs such as her consistently leaving to go to the...
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    Help/Support ► Well, my dad sucks...

    Oh, my goodness. D: There's not a lot more that can be said... but yes, tell your mother. It's something she needs to know. It will be hard, but it has to be done. Just PM me anytime if you need to talk, FF. I hope everything is okay. <3 <3
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    Help/Support ► Too Skinny? I need Advice!

    Keep an eye on her eating habits. Does she eat a lot? Or does she eat little? Also, if she disappears off to the bathroom minutes after finishing a lot of food, ask a female friend to casually follow her. It'll help to rule out bulimia if there is a problem at hand. Talking from experience...
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    Help/Support ► Burn

    Ouch. D: I'm pleased I've never been burned that badly, it must have been awful for you all. <3 The worst I've ever had was one from work... I work in a restaurant, and the counter is a hot counter, the type where the food is on top, and it's served plate by plate by the worker rather than the...
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    Fanfiction ► I'd like some criticism

    Deep. Nice writing style, though it needs a few intermittent sections with a little less terse vocabulary, otherwise it could begin to feel somewhat laborious for the reader. But I liked it. It was interesting to read, and made me actually think about what was being said. <3
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    Happy Birthday Gullwing Yunie!

    Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Yunie Happy Birthday to you! Now shower her with birthday love. <3
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    Help/Support ► Lonely

    ^ lol.<3 I think I'll keep that in mind, Samber. Hopefully everything is okay tomorrow. <3 EDIT: Didn't get the chance to talk to them yesterday, but I did today. I talked to them about it, and explained how I felt about things. They said they were sorry for doing it and would try not to in...
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    Help/Support ► Lonely

    Hm, I guess you guys are right about it. Something needs to be done. Thanks a lot for everything. <3
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    Help/Support ► Lonely

    Thanks, it helps, I promise. <3 Yeah, I guess it's time to ask them about it. I just don't want to go about it in the wrong way. I'll let you guys know what happens for sure. <3
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    Fanfiction ► Perversity

    Who is Nick? Otherwise, very nice work. Descriptive and emotional. One of the best KH fics I've seen around at the moment. <3