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    Boss battles .... help?

    Re: Leechgrave .... help? The only way to actually defeat this one without spending hours of frustratration is do kill the arms. They do respawn once the Leech Grave has finished being stunned. It depends what difficulty your on, and what weapon you have. It took me ages to work out about the...
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    Xion's Hood?

    First of all, this belongs here: 358/2 Days - KHInsider Forums and secondly, it's part of the story. Play a little further and you'll find out, it annoyed me for quite some time too, but theres a reason.
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    Degeki DS & Wii Cover

    But in my opinion, the sequals have been sucky ALOT of people here beg to differ But multiplayer might fuck nuts Argh crap....no damn wifi....why didn't I know this? >:C
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    Help/Support ► Revenge?

    My mate who is also an admin has just edited for me Finally...the true story Thanks for the help mates (people on this forum)
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    Help/Support ► Revenge?

    okay... but if he finds out? There's not much he can really do...is there?
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    Help/Support ► Revenge?

    that's what I was thinking I know how to get his password....but if I did....I would just delete that thread..or maybe edit it to say somthing else but it's a long proccess....I'm not sure if I should bother
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    Help/Support ► Revenge?

    Administrator and everyone believes him He's making out that he banned me...but I'm not sure.. And I still have friends there, I might look like a dick in front of them? Btw...Thanks for your help EDIT: I asume so
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    Help/Support ► Revenge?

    Me - Join his forum I have a great time Then I have stressful things in my life I say I want to leave Then he made some bulshit story as posted above And the reason that I'm worried about some ghey situation...is that I have a company to keep up the reputation of. I wouldn't be being a pusy...
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    Help/Support ► Revenge?

    I'm so pissed off just now Somone has just bullshited me.... He was one of my friends...well, so I thought....we'd talk on msn all the time....he'd piss me off, but I'd put up with it... and now...this shit I told him I didn't want to be a member any more So he made up some bulshit story...
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    Joshua Trapon

    PROLOGUE Year 2076 Melbourne, Australia “The cure is coming” the news broadcast announced, “The instant cure for the common cold is here. From the same person that made the cure for sunburn and skin cancer, please welcome to the Pod. Tomhas Winston!” Most people looked up from their plates...
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    difficulty help

    I don't see why you want/need codes on for expert. Why bother if you have infinite health? Just a suggestion You could not use codes Just do it on normal I know.....I'm an ideas man right?
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    Happy birthday!

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    King Sora X gifty

    Pay back! xD Ver 2 Hope you like them....i don't mind them, i dunno CnC would be good too!
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    Bow down to me!

    Hey guys! I was wondering, where can i upload my brushes to the internet, so other people can use them? and how do i save them as the brush save file?? Please and thankyou!
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    Here is my newest, result of a tut that I messed around with, well it started off as a tut, then i just totally went my own way Ver 1: Ver 2: I like ver 2 cnc??
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: The Lost Keyhole

    Nice! Can't wait for more! Good ideas you got there! Just reading Chap 2
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    Some poems

    I'm thinking of adding onto it, but so far, what do you think?? Your hair, it used to make me grin Your hair, so soft, so thick, so thin Your smile, used to take my breath away always, used to make me stay Your eyes, so gorgous so bright Until that fate-ful night I'm thinking of making some...
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    Help/Support ► Japanese Translation!

    Lol, obviously didn't see my post then!! lol, I have no life!!
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    Help/Support ► Japanese Translation!

    I kinda know japanese, hit me...i may as well try
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    KHI kh walkthrough

    Well, I just had a thought, that we should make a KHI KH walkthrough?? I know some people have made a boss walkthrough, normal walkthroughs and other walkthroughs, but I was thinking that KHI should have there own?? If people like the idea, I'll make a new thread!! Answer the poll dammit! :dizzy: