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    Fanfiction ► Choose Your Fate: Deep Dive What Really Happened Reborn

    So you finally made a remake of the first one? I choose C.
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    .:The TrueBeliever Fanclub:.

    Yes, yes. Some of you knew it was coming, it was destined to. The TB fanclub offers free pie and cookies to the people who join first, as long as they are willing to sign these liability papers disguised as field trip papers...Anyways, the titles. Prez/God: Me My left hand afro boy: Lord_Canti...
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    Fanfiction ► DD:WRH2, You Choose Story.

    Whoa, I didn't know this started...But uh, try to get the chappy up Dancbanks.
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    Fanfiction ► Sora's House Party

    Awesome, cookies! TS and SS, try to put the next chapter up soon, no matter what others think.
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    how much play do you get with "Roxas"

    You'll get somewhere between 2 and 5 hours depending on if you know what you're doing and if you skip the scenes.
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    Fanfiction ► Sora's House Party

    So far, I would give this fic a 9.9/10 for the fact that I want to know why Kairi and Sora were nabbed!
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    Fanfiction ► Sora's House Party

    It's kinda confusing but still funny nonetheless.
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    Form Weapons

    standard: ultima valor: sleeping lion master: oblivion final: fenrir
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    Captain Hook....HELP ME!!

    A good way to stop the bombs is just to use 0 cards. If you somehow don't have any 0 cards, then you should try and jump out of the way of the bombs, but I recommend the 0 cards.
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    Kingdom Hearts Question

    Why'd you ask these questions? Anyways here's your answers. 1.- C. 2.- C. 3.- C. 4.- None of them. (yes, i love KH2)
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    where does the le guide come out on the 23rd at

    Well, then good for you but like beastin said, it'll come out the 27th.
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    Need help w/ riku

    Just have a bunch of 0 and 9 cards with you and when he uses Dark Aura, use a 0 card. It took me a couple times before I beat him with that strategy but just keep going at it.
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    When mickey is called

    He does do damage to the boss but he can't kill it.
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    Official Countdown Thread.

    Because Square has to ship all the copies they made of KH2 all across America and that could take a couple of days.
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    Fanfiction ► /!\The Keyblade Wars what really Happened (You choose what happens)/!\

    Number 2! btw, do you know when you might get the sequel to ddwrh started up?
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    sepiroth battle in FM

    No, it's a cutscene after the battle called "Showdown of Fate" between Cloud and Sephy.
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    The Verontier Academy for the Gifted

    50 years ago, an evil by the name of Zanzibar reigned supreme over all the world. But out of nowhere, emerged a warrior who fought his way through Zanzibar's army and eventually made his way to Zanzibar himself. It was the most brutal battle in history and it looked like the warrior was going to...
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    An Unexpected Summon

    How about....Hilary Duff as a summon
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    1- A. 2- A. 3- A. 4- A. 5- A.