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  1. Muke

    When are we expecting news?

    at this point im just not expecting news, period
  2. Muke

    SE reveals new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link information

    What makes me desperately want to play this game is the character customization. I already loved it in UX, and seeing/reading that it's extremely detailed in this game make me very happy. I'm a sucker for character creators. The geo-location stuff, I'm not really fond of. Will definitely be...
  3. Muke

    The State of KH Series: DISNEY/Square Enix/Original Characters

    I genuinely wouldn't miss either of them. The worlds being Disney movies were and are a selling point, yes, but I fear thst they hold the team back a lot. They're at the end of the day simply backdrops for our adventures - this is more true for some of the games than others, but that's the state...
  4. Muke

    Seth Kearsley reveals Kingdom Hearts Animated Series Pilot Animatic

    But fact of the matter is that this critique is conpletely unnecessary and has no merit because no part of thos was about the "animation" or the art at all. That‘s like critiquing a storyboard for an anime for not looking good and having off-model characters Anyway, I actually thought it was...
  5. Muke

    KH4 probable worlds

    Concerning new 2D worlds, my hopes would be Treasure Planet and Emperor's New Groove. Especially the latter setting would be so much fun, and I feel like the writing lends itself to Kingdom Hearts beautifully - a boss fight against Yzma would eat. As for returning worlds, I really want Hunchback...
  6. Muke

    An idea about connecting all the storylines in KH4

    With KH4 being our next game besides Missing Link, it is now clear that no storylines that have been established at the end of ReMind and Melodys of Memory will take place in side games like BbS or DDD. Many thought we'd get these side games and for example play as TAV in the Realm of Darkness...
  7. Muke

    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    I want KH3 ReMind's photo mode to return and I want 0.2's customizations to return. It was so fun to mind of dress Aqua up, and I think it. would be pretty cool if they exchanged the puzzle crowns and the hidden Mickeys with costume pieces. Just let us find them all and customize our characters...
  8. Muke

    idea about a remake. (Fun discussion)

    I honestly don't think we need it right now. All of the games are great and still stand the test of time thanks to the KH art style. I also just kinda want to close the past saga, I'm over it. I'm looking forward to the Lost Masters Saga
  9. Muke

    Seth Kearsley’s history with the Kingdom Hearts pilot

    I'm actually glad it didn't happen back then - not because I wouldn't have liked it, not because I'm doubting that guy, he actually seems very genuine and invested which is kind of charming. But because I'm pretty sure it would've been held back by the upper-men. Like he said in the video, it...
  10. Muke

    General feeling towards the game for now?

    I'm actually pretty hyped for this game. I'm genuinely missing Union Cross, looking back it was a pretty fun game and I love that it actually brought the fanbase together. I miss the discussions and theories. So yeah, I'm looking forward to it! I hope the gameplay is fun.
  11. Muke

    Speculation: Ven Will Disappear as Well?

    Just as I read the title I immediately thought of that Volume 2 trailer. Honestly, while I think there's a really good chance of it happening and it would be very interesting, I kinda doubt it. I think the Wayfinder trio is going to stay together for a while. I also don't think it'll happen...
  12. Muke

    General ► TW |disastrous coming out to my Muslim parents

    So I'll just start. I became 20 two weeks ago. I came out to my parents a three weeks ago. It was the 15th of April, two weeks before my birthday. I did it because I got more and more tired of having to hide my real self and pretend I will ever have a girlfriend or marry a woman, which is...
  13. Muke

    Development history of FNC titles FFXIII & Versus XIII (and a bit of XIV)

    Such a great and detailed thread, thank you!
  14. Muke

    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    I get that, but I hope that until the game releases, which is going to be at least over a year on from now, and at worst 2-3 years, that there will be PS5s and XBoxes (genuinely don't know the name) to buy for everyone. We'll see~
  15. Muke

    KH4 Development Timeline

    Honestly, we don't even exactly know what Nomura means when he says they are selecting new worlds. I can imagine some Disney worlds being well along the story writing process and they are still bickering and sending and receiving revisions to and from Disney. But even so, I really don't think...
  16. Muke

    Having some personal issues due to my family and studies - but I keep hanging on. Glad to hear...

    Having some personal issues due to my family and studies - but I keep hanging on. Glad to hear you‘re doing well!
  17. Muke

    Honestly i kinda was afraid to come back bc i thought the forum would be inactive, but it‘s...

    Honestly i kinda was afraid to come back bc i thought the forum would be inactive, but it‘s still pretty lively here. How have u been??:)
  18. Muke

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    Can somebody please tell me the number of posts that change the color of the username? And which color it changes to?
  19. Muke

    News ► Famitsu interviews Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 4 and Missing-Link

    This makes me so excited because I really loved the character creation of UX! And now it's gonna be in 3D, yay
  20. Muke

    hey there, just wondering how you've been! it's been such a long time since i last logged in here

    hey there, just wondering how you've been! it's been such a long time since i last logged in here