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    Forgetting the plot...

    I enjoyed it quite a bit.I would not say it was too easy,but not as hard as I would expect during some parts of the game like the final battle. Overall I had a blast with it :)
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    What level were you when you beat Xemnas?

    Like 55 I think when I finished the game
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    Help/Support ► Afraid of what to say

    Could not have said it better myself. I used to be the exact same way growing up.Always trying to be who people wanted me to be rather than just being me. I would say just be yourself,and just try to be kind as much as possible.You don't want friends who won't accept you for you anyways,they...
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    Does anyone still...

    I don't remember the first one making me cry,but KH 2 ending sure did
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    Favorite boss.

    Probably the boss fight with Saix
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    NA - Pre-ordering

    I think I will put a pre order down once the official date is released for it
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    Was this a good deal?

    Lol,I did the exact same thing like 5 days ago :P. I thought it was a pretty good deal :)
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    sea salt scenes

    A big reason I follow the series is cause I like the cast so much,so scenes with characters I like are always cool,and ones where there happy are even better.Imo the series is pretty tragic,so scenes like these really brighten things up for me
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    Help/Support ► Push me

    Just remember what happens to people who disappoint Marluxia,such as Vexen.Pass that class or you may be next :O
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    Help/Support ► Push me

    Go Lord Marluxia! Show that class who's boss! I believe in you,and so does Marluxia himself! Thats all I got really.Never been to good at motivating others,but I do wish you the best of luck :).I always sucked at Math and needed help with that,so I know where your coming from.
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    Which organization member you like the most and the least (explain why)

    Most: Larxene,cause she is pretty,shes awesome and when shes playful shes so cute Least: hmmm,maybe Xaldin cause I don't really know anything about him,and he's not my type anyways .I don't hate him or really have anything against him though.
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    Do you think Diz would've been a good boss?

    I think it would have been kinda cool.I am always down for a good boss fight so I rather it been in the game and suck,then not ever be in the game and always wonder
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    2 new bbs Screen Shots!!!!!!!!!

    Wow,that first picture looks pretty awesome,as does Aqua in it ^_^
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    Some English BBS Screens

    Now that is one awesome screenshot
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    Help/Support ► Eyesight?

    The more the better I think.Carrot's or carrot juice seems to be the way to go if u want to help your eyesight a little over time with food. Something like a bowel of carrots or a couple glass's of carrot juice everyday for maybe a month or 2 should show some improvements.I'm no expert though
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    Help/Support ► Eyesight?

    If u need glasses I'm not sure your eyes will ever get better where u don't have to wear them anymore unless u get contacts or laser eye surgery.I have worn glasses most my life and the only tip I really have is if u wear them all the time,don't. I wear my pretty much 24/7 and cause of it,its...
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    Which Organization member did you enjoy taking out most?

    Voted for none of them cause I like them all to much :P but in KH 2 Xigbar gave me a really tough fight.Maybe the hardest fight for me out of any of them.Did not really struggle with the others. I won on the first try,but he was owning the entire fight while I was just slowly picking off his health
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    In CoM which org member took the longest

    Larxene for sure for me.She was a awesome boss fight.
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    Help/Support ► Two losses in two days...

    I'm really sorry for your loss :(
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    Gummi Routes 100%

    I never really cared to much about getting 100% on all of them.They were fun,but I didn't strive for it or anything.I just flew there them and did as best I could and never really messed with them again.