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    Spoiler compilation Sora Scenes.

    You mean where we could see Sora doing the same as Roxas was doing? If so, The main one I remember was in Wonderland, first visit, walking through the first room. Another one was when Roxas finished a round in the collusium and the both did the keyblade swing around up to shoulder thing. I...
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    Things you Like/Disliked about 358/2 days

    Ok I take it back. Xigbar isn't the only humour in the game,he just seems to be the most humourous.
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    Things you Like/Disliked about 358/2 days

    ok maybe I exaggerated, but I'm having the biggest mental blank and I really can't think of anything other than quotes of Xigbars that was funny. Please enlighten me :) Lol. Yeah I guess so. I know that it's what he does and it was cute for awhile, but I want more interaction between him and...
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    things on kh2 you could not believe

    I loooovvvedddd Sora's Kh2 outfit. Everytime I saw Sora in kh1 all I could see are his huge shoes. I Just wish they gave Riku an interesting outfit, it was just very plain imo.
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    Things you Like/Disliked about 358/2 days

    I've not finished yet game yet, probably only up to mid 200's, and so far these are my like and dislikes. Likes: +Panel system <3 +Not too hard, yet can be challenging (On regular mode) +Moogle shop +For once I tollerated Agrabah +Camera +Xigbar. Hated him before but he's the only humor in...
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    things on kh2 you could not believe

    Riku's clothes. Very dissapointed.
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    Important? *May contain minor plot details*

    Lurk Lizard? I that the one on that mission, or is that further on?
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    Important? *May contain minor plot details*

    That's what I thought but when we did find Xion I got the impresion she hadn't even found the heartless cause it was camoflauged (excuse spelling) It's not like they say it was Pence or anything so how could you know for sure?
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    Important? *May contain minor plot details*

    Bummer, was fully ready find some giant heartless down there >:(
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    Important? *May contain minor plot details*

    So I got Days a few days ago, and I found something yesterday when I was out on a mission and was wondering whether it was something that is important or completly irrelevant. I don't want to know the details if it is important, just a simple answer, and maybe a discussion as to what it could be...
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    Is it worth it?

    You should defiently get the game, it's a pretty big part of the story. I have a Dsi, cause I was lucky enough to have my aunty buy it for me. Only downside is that there's no GBA slot. Plus it cost like $100 more. Great graphics tho. My neice had a ds lite and that was pretty good aswell...
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    358/2 Days in Australia

    Yeah, it sucks hey, I checked EB games and Game traders and they're both releasing it on the 22nd >:(
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    TAV Master Color

    He looks more chinese to me. I never saw the picture posted on Heartstation so up until like 1 minute ago I envisioned him as a old wise man :/ Obviously not lol.
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    1up's Birth By Sleep Preview

    I don't think it matters what the reports say about BBS, people will want to play the game to see for themselves whether or not it is good or bad.
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    358/2 days Australian release date changed? Plus Australian cost revealed

    I think the date sounds right. Also, after I said something similar about the price, somone pointed out to me that the US dollar is worth more than the aus dollar, hence the lower price there, higher price here.
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    Pronounciation: Xion?

    ^ To the dude above, No double posting, read the FAQ. Shion, is how Xion is pronounced. Xion is a character from 358/2 days.
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    I still don't really understand. BBS?

    No one knows for sure. There are plenty of theories floating around though.
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    358/2 Days PAL Release Date

    Hurray! 10 days instead of 10 weeks (or more) :D
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    bbs challenges

    We had to find all of the pooh book pages, that was pretty much the same.
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    bbs challenges

    The seven dwarfs. Only seven but it's all I could think of. But it really doen't matter if there is anything like this. Won't really add to the games [should be] epicness.