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  1. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► Words from an Emotionally Broken Person

    being alone sucks. i know. especially when there's someone ideal you'd like to be with. best advice i have: be optimistic and look to the future. you're 18. you going to college this fall or next year? think about all the new people you're gonna meet. in the mean time, work with what you...
  2. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► Problems I've been having

    do u go to a Christian school or something? prolly more than half the kids at my Christian school didnt go to church. oh i see. imo, being a Wiccan would prolly help scare people away, not bring them closer.
  3. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► Problems I've been having

    what religion do u practice that requires tolerance from your peers?
  4. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► Shaving?

    i disagree with the rest of them. a well maintained moustache looks fine on someone ur age. but it's up to you really. i have the same thing as you. i'm 17 and weight 120 pounds/50 or so kilograms. i JUST yesterday started a workout routine that i really think i'm going to enjoy. not being...
  5. Teiku 5

    Fanfiction ► An untitled preview - A RoNami Fanficiton

    i figure i might as well get a little introduction out of the way. the reason i started writing this was for Passion. we were rp'ing together and discussing KH when pairings came up. to me Roxas and Namine were just as canon of a couple as any other could possibly be. to my surprise, i...
  6. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► Shaving?

    let's get something straight though. (mainly talking about your "goatee" here) if it's patchy, you NEED to shave it or you look like a complete idiot. you really don't need to be afraid of doing it you know. especially if you have a nice electric razor. insanely simple.
  7. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► Help please im expelled from my catholic school !!!!!

    you'll have a fun time in public school ;)
  8. Teiku 5

    $5 off at Gamestop

    if you pre-order BBS online, you get $5 off for the next three days with the code SLEEP. apparently even if you order it online, you can pick it up in-store. SAVE A COOL $5 Three friends, three destinies. Everything will link back to the...
  9. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► I'm internally conflicted

    i never said it was a drug addiction Grass, i was just making the point that it seems like good steps to follow in trying to help solve the problem. by ignoring a problem, its never going to go away.
  10. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► I'm internally conflicted

    you now how they say that like the first step is admitting that you have a problem. i guess you've done that, but know you need to take the next step and move on from it. and you're never going to be able to do it unless you go see him. just because he's dead physically doesn't mean he has to...
  11. Teiku 5

    PROM :D

    so my prom is tonight. supposed to be a sunset on the beach theme. for once its actually supposed to be really good. i got my tux rented and arrangements to pick my date up. i even managed to sneak my way on the limo ride without paying :P. we'll see how the actual night goes. anybody else...
  12. Teiku 5

    Fanfiction ► ~ Blackbird ~

    umm, excuse you sir. i was referring to Passion's constantly excellent posts. she was always one of my favorites to read :D.
  13. Teiku 5

    Fanfiction ► ~ Blackbird ~

    awwww, that's so cutey hehe. how many chapters do you have planned or do you not know yet? you definitely threw me off at first though with the change in point of view, but i thought that was great and creative. almost like reading posts in the RP.....geez i miss it.
  14. Teiku 5

    Fanfiction ► ~ Blackbird ~

    so i read it :]. while i would never support that pairing personally, your writing is stellar. you descriptions are so interestingly detailed and you capture emotion very well. good dialogue too. i will definitely be reading chapter two when its up. EDIT: its not that i'm opposed to the...
  15. Teiku 5

    Fanfiction ► ~ Blackbird ~

    i can't right now, but please remind me to read this. i really want to. being your beta-reader even for the short time that it i did it was the best cause you write so well.
  16. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► How can I get taller?

    steroids are definitely you're best choice. find a local dealer and you're set for success.
  17. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► Push me

    it would help if you spelled "honor roll" correctly.
  18. Teiku 5

    Help/Support ► V-Card

    and if they can't respect you saying those things in reply than maybe you got the wrong friends.