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  1. aqualight

    The Heartless Hoard in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Wasn't Even It's Final Form

    Re: The Heartless Hoard in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Wasn't Even It's Final Form Oh damn, this sounds like some good shit. I'm wishing that they become more nightmarish and mutated together the stronger they get. I want them to be some of the things terranort made when he was experimenting...
  2. aqualight

    Watch: Footage of Kingdom Hearts HD DDD and 0.2 Birth by Sleep

    Oh wow i am so stunned at how beautiful the landscape is, especially how this'll pass on to kh3. it's honestly breathtaking. but seriously, while aqua didn't look too bad most of the time, that terra cutscene still looked so off... ESPECIALLY TERRA IN THE FIRST FEW SECONDS. I don't want to get...
  3. aqualight

    New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Screenshots Show Off Unreal Engine 4

    For the most part all it really needs is for the skin to be a little more matte, i mean i know it's been said many times how shiny she looks, but i don't think it'd be that hard?? and it's not a matter that it's 'shinier' to make make it fit in with the disney worlds either. Look at all the...
  4. aqualight

    Level 1 genie jafar fight.

    I think in that fight all you can really do to dodge it is either go around in circles and go up and down
  5. aqualight

    Daybreak Town and Twilight Town

    I'm simply just curious to see the connection, I feel like there would be one. If only counting the fact that the names of each town are very similar in that they're both related to a time in the day. It could also just signify that it begun at daybreak (town) and will end at twilight (town)...
  6. aqualight

    TV ► Scream Queens

    How does everyone feel about this show so far? Do you love it, hate it? Is it the reason why you hate the world? How does everyone feel about the content of the show? Is it funny or not? If you have seen it, who's the red devil? What's the motive behind all the murders? Who's the tub-baby? Why...
  7. aqualight

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Trailer Featuring KH3 Footage!

    I'd love it too, but i feel like a more story driven trailer won't be released until they've gotten more worlds ready to show the public, hence where the scenes would probably take place.
  8. aqualight

    Help/Support ► I need help. I'm so scared. ;-;

    I am not the master of tomboys, not the master of talking. But i don't think i find myself acting that differently around people of different genders, so like i can't really guide you on how to act around her. all i can offer to say to you is that just be yourself, act/do whatever makes you most...
  9. aqualight

    Help/Support ► I need help. I'm so scared. ;-;

    Not sure if i quite get your problem. I can't tell if the feelings mutual or not. Just like do whatever you usually do and if they confront you about it just like answer what ya feel? Just be honest with whatever answer you give. It seems like the thought of being liked by specifically a tomboy...
  10. aqualight

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Trailer Featuring KH3 Footage!

    I still can't get over how beautiful Twilight Town looks in KHIII. There's just so much more detail and depth to it. I really love all the vines and brickwork. And like, now Lazy Afternoons just feels like such an accurate expression of how this place feels. I look at it and it looks so warm and...
  11. aqualight

    Name meanings?

    like double that... it's been 9 years. how does one just come across a 9 year old thread though? no clue. Not to mention within that time there would have been many threads identical to this, and actually have more constructive responses to it.
  12. aqualight

    Name meanings?

    Oh my dear lord how did this fossil awaken? I'm honestly floored. On another note KingdomHearts003, don't triple post. if you need to post more just edit your initial post.
  13. aqualight

    What Outrageous KH Theories Did You Used To Believe In/Still Hope For

    We all like to pat ourselves on the back when we guess plot twists but surely i mustn't be the only one who theorised things that just... completely missed the mark. For example as a kid i was obsessed with the idea that Kingdom Hearts could be personalised as well, a person, that i jumped the...
  14. aqualight

    Deep Jungle

    I'm sorry i really can't stand non-human Sora, i find going to Pride Lands in kh2 to just be really awkward in terms of that change. I'm sure they did it to make it fit, but if there's a chance Sora could stay human in new or reprised worlds, i much much prefer it. Imagine that in KH3 with...
  15. aqualight

    Armor Color

    Aqua: R - 78%, G - 100%, B - 100% Terra: R - 131%, G - 120%, B - 140% VenP: R - 126%, G - 127%, B - 94%
  16. aqualight

    Anyone wanna play bbs online?

    no ones ever online :(
  17. aqualight

    Help/Support ► [tech] Should I Buy A Memory Stick Or Not?

    i think this is the right section. but anyway... i'm buying a psp soon and i was wondering if i should buy a memory stick or not? Is there enough or any memory on there? If there is, is there enough for BBS? i tried finding out but i got confused :S
  18. aqualight


    Neo6W1f7hyY Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen is meh >:( Alex Pettyfur. Rawr. so pretty much it's a modern beauty and the beast from the beast's perception
  19. aqualight

    Help/Support ► I've got no sense of fashion at all.

    try looking at her information thingamajig 8|