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  1. Fortissimo

    Martial Arts

    Anyone practice/train in martial arts? Interested in learning? I practice Yoshinkan Aikido. 9th kyu If anyone is unfamiliar with it, Aikido was developed in the 20's-30's by O' Sensei Morihei Ueshiba. Aikido was developed without the intention to kill your opponent, but instead to just...
  2. Fortissimo

    Poll:Opninions on the time travel mechanic

    I voted yeah because it doesn't bother me. In reality i'm neutral; I don't really care. I"ll admit it does seem like a copout but given the other plot elements of the series, sure why not. Pepper it in.
  3. Fortissimo

    What bothered me about Sora and Organization XIII

    Huh that's weird. It never really was explained, but it never bothered me. Like the others said, it really wasn't that important. Maybe we can all pretend that Riku filled him in on everything after they got back to the island. Otherwise it would have been just a few extra sentences that would...
  4. Fortissimo

    Square Enix Presents Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix NA Launch Event Footage!

    Ugh. I wish I knew about the event in general. How do people even find out about it? I would have loved to go and experience all that. At least there's the launch event for KHIII. Imma be there.
  5. Fortissimo

    Limit form level up

    What keyblade are you using? That can play a factor into it. otherwise the chance of turning anti depends on odds. Even if you don't activate the drive form before enemies appear, you can do it the moment they do and you should still be okay. I've never had a problem doing it like that.
  6. Fortissimo

    Your Deck Commands in BBS:FM, 2.5!

    Its been a minute since i've played Terra so I can't really remember what his are but Ven: time splicer salvation wind raid and some other stuff Aqua magic hour stoppaga blitz fission firaga deep freeze I'm trying to meld time splicer before I get into Neverland so I can have two of them.
  7. Fortissimo

    Playing Birth By Sleep for the first time in 3 years

    It's my favorite game when I play it. I just wish it was a little bigger; everything feels so contained. So I guess more dialogue, but thats story wise. Game play wise, it's my fav no contest.
  8. Fortissimo

    In BBS what did you think of this cutscene?

    Its definitely much darker because it shows all of the torment the protagonists go through as it's happening. Not in conversations or readings, but right in your face. And seeing it happen leaves much less room for interpretation than the latter which cuts you a little deeper than other games...
  9. Fortissimo

    What do you get out of completing Re: Coded?

    Sorry man, can't help you there! You can go to the "ask a mod" thread in the foyer and they should help you out there. Maybe I just have one of the many glitches that are present in the game. I'll try again and watch it from the start to see if that does anything to help.
  10. Fortissimo

    What do you get out of completing Re: Coded?

    Thanks for your help guys. I've done that but alas, no theme. </3 Reboot as in watch the whole thing all over again? Or just simply restart the disc? Because I've restarted the game from the beginging and I still don't see it. I do have the trophy. Also does it matter how I watched it? I...
  11. Fortissimo

    What do you get out of completing Re: Coded?

    I finished watching the cinematic for RE: coded, expecting to get a background or something. Like you get when you complete KHII, but walked away empty handed. Does it have to do with order? I started with KHII, then started BBS, but took a break and watched Coded. Do have have to complete...
  12. Fortissimo

    Anyone else playing on "Spontaneous Death" mode?

    With all of that, wouldn't it just even it out to be the same difficulty as proud? Or is it really that much harder?
  13. Fortissimo

    Anyone else playing on "Spontaneous Death" mode?

    ahahahahahhahaha Perhaps one day. I heard they made the FM version harder than the original because you breeze right through on proud mode. So playing for the first time I went right for proud. (didn't want to get too ambitious) and spent and hour and a half trying to fight the Twilight Thorn...
  14. Fortissimo

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 remix problem

    It sounds like you're not the only one with that problem. When specifically? When you change drive forms or summons? Also for how long. A similar conversation is happening over in this thread, if you want to add to it...
  15. Fortissimo

    Do you want Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 to come to next gen console ?

    Re: Do you want kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5 to come to next gen console ? I'm indifferent. If they do, it better come with more stuff so its worth buying. Though if anything I can see DDD as an HD version for PS4 If they choose to make it HD. Yes. Even if they JUST had the mirage arena as...
  16. Fortissimo

    Why did Riku cut his hair?

    I wouldn't put it past 'em. We know what they're capable of... jk. It was a nice fitting change for him. It's a good metaphor for his trials and history etc. I'll buy it.
  17. Fortissimo

    Why did Riku cut his hair?

    Seeing this talk about new beginnings and cultural symbols makes a lot of sense. Though I always thought the developers just didn't want to animate Rikus long hair.
  18. Fortissimo

    Empty throne in Land of Departure

    It makes for interesting theories. Maybe its meant to be foreshadowing to a new character in KH3 that will add more back story for Eraqus and Xehanort. Seeing as Eraqus was so anti dark, maybe something happened to the 3rd master involving darkness that sparked fear in Eraqus and interest in...
  19. Fortissimo

    KH 358/2 Days could be better

    It's one of my favorite games in the series. If anything the graphics could have been better but I really don't know anything about the inter workings of A DS graphics card so i'm not going to judge too hard. I don't think it was any more repetitive than any other Kh game. Go to a world, fight...
  20. Fortissimo

    ENEMIES Gradually Leveling Up

    Nah, no worries dude! Yes, they do level up but its more world specific. When you're traveling around to different worlds the battle level is posted before you land. However, once you reach a certain level (I believe 50+) the average heartless and nobodies you fight in the worlds stay at...