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  1. Dontcallmyname

    Does anyone know any good 80s-90s pop songs

    N O S T A L G I A It’s been almost 10 years..
  2. Dontcallmyname

    Do you think Sora will fall into the darkness in KH3D?

    hmmm... i sure hope so...
  3. Dontcallmyname

    Do you forgive him?

    of course i forgive him at least he was sorry
  4. Dontcallmyname

    Better if it came out after BBS?

    I liked days, to me it wasn't a disappointment at all and i really enjoyed the story-line so days was a win for me
  5. Dontcallmyname

    Sora vs. Aqua

    I dont really care in the end sora would win and thats that. No offense i dont give to f***s about Narato, If sora and aqua were to fight sora would win
  6. Dontcallmyname

    Sora vs. Aqua

    Yuup thats exactly what i said... questions? problems?
  7. Dontcallmyname

    Sora vs. Aqua

    Sora would win he is the main character of the story so seriously how can he lose, he wont
  8. Dontcallmyname

    Re:coded is 2011 NA bestseller

    Re: coded is 2011 NA bestseller yaaaaay kingdom hearts!!!!!
  9. Dontcallmyname

    Did anyone else hate Vanitas?

    nope i liked him he was a good character i guess
  10. Dontcallmyname

    Sora vs. Aqua

    SORA!! aqua was okay i guess but i didnt really connect with her or care about her as much as i did for sora.. to me, aqua was just there...
  11. Dontcallmyname

    Craziest Game Crossovers

    helll yea, those people have good taste
  12. Dontcallmyname

    Help/Support ► My Grandfather Has Passed Away

    oh he-he sorry about that... i didnt notice it
  13. Dontcallmyname

    Help/Support ► My Grandfather Has Passed Away

    just wondering, and so sorry for your loss but what does you being female have to do with anything?
  14. Dontcallmyname

    If KH is NOT light why did it failed to fill SoD with the power of darkness

    Re: If KH is NOT light why did it failed to fill SoD with the power of darkness? Read all i think kingdom hearts is watever you want it to be
  15. Dontcallmyname

    Has anyone gotten 100% Trinity Archives?

    i have 94% but...ohwell i do want to get to 100% though
  16. Dontcallmyname

    KH2 in the Smithsonian

    HELL YEA!!!!! i am going to vote now
  17. Dontcallmyname

    BBS vol.2 - PSP or NGP (PSP2)

    psp i donnt have the freaking money for another console i already have to buy a ps3 and 3ds
  18. Dontcallmyname

    Wouldn't it be cool to read reports from prisoners captured by Xehanort and the other apprentices???

    That would be interesting to get a better insight into the what the hell was going on there
  19. Dontcallmyname

    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    no, the question is what did kh2 have that kh1 didnt?? yea... think about that huh
  20. Dontcallmyname

    Level 99 Roxas

    wow i wonder what happend to that sora kid...