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    Help/Support ► Spanish films?

    Sorry I did see that atfer I had posted.. its still a great film though ^^
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    Help/Support ► Spanish films?

    Hmm.. Pans Labrinth, such a great movie! The whole thing is in spanish and it is so great.. I actually wrote a short story about it for school.
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    ~ Where The Wild Things Are ~

    Okay as the title says, this thread is about the movie called, Where The Wild Things Are. This movie is based off the book writtin by Maurice Sendak. The book was written in 1963 for younger kids. Who else has read this book as a child? Who is going to ssee this movie because they have read...
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    Army of Two

    Okay this game is for the Xbox 360. You can play as 2 different characters who work together in taking out leaders around the world. There is multiple weapons to use and MANY things you can modify on them... Did you like this game? What was your favorite weapon to use in the game? What...
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    PSP GO

    Sorry didnt mean to sound like an asshole. Umm but I had a carrying case at 1 time too... long story short, I was on the way home from vaca. and my car caught fire and burned down.. lost my psps and all games bleh. Just imagine if I happened to leave a few games home and maybe a memory stick...
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    PSP GO

    1. Its a slide screen umm its a little bigger than an Iphone, its bigger than your palm though. Its mainly just for hardcore PSP gamers who have TONS of game and dont want to have to carry them all around wherever they go. BUT all those gamers have to buy ALL their games back over again for the...
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    PSP GO

    I thought about buying the GO but I already have a psp.. so buying a GO would just make me restart all the games over.. pretty stupid if you ask me. Not sure why people that already have a psp would trade it in for $100 towards a PSP GO
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    PSP GO

    I thought this was supose to be about the GO not the PS3??
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    ETA UNO/Hr Grafix

    Welcome to ETA UNO/Hr Grafix! . : WE TRY TO GET OUR SIGS/TAGS FINISHED & SENT IN THE LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME : . All the sigs/tags we do are done in good quality as long as the stocks we recieve are too. Rules: 1. Each request must be made out in a completed form 2. THERE IS NO REQUEST LIMIT...
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    The World Ends with You

    They could make a good sequal out of Twewy.. just make Phones go back into the game then within a few days or a week or so because the GM then idk make it creative where you can choose people or something that have to be entered.
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    Static X Fans

    As far as I know, none of my friends really like Static X.. yeah its a little heavy, cant really understand the lyrics but the background music is really sweet. Whats your favorite Static X song?
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    Nintendo DSI

    Im debating on buying a DSI or not. Not sure what the benefits will be over the DS Lite. I know the screens are a little bit bigger but the DSI cant play GBA games anymore. Need some help deciding what to do. Umm.. also need information about new technology through the DSI that games might be...
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    Fanfiction ► Indelible Darkness: Part 1- Chains of Fate

    Hey Max! Its G-Baby(Lol), ive heard all about this fan fic from you, seems to me alot of people are waiting to see the finish of this Fan-Fic. I see most people liked the "Octo-Bitch" part lol, very creative. Ill read the whole fic sometime soon so i can too comment on it.