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  1. Zettaflare

    Gameplay expectations

    I do hope Keyblade transformations stick around in KH4 and future titles. They are easily one of my favorite things about KH3. This time let the Kingdom Key give Sora a form based on his KH3 outfit. As for Quadratum, I'm hoping that we get to do things in the city during our off time such as...
  2. Zettaflare

    When are we expecting news?

    A trailer showing Sora clashing with Darth Vader or interacting with Luke Skywalker would definitely be a huge crowd pleaser and hype up KH4.
  3. Zettaflare

    Am I the only one who didn't like the decision of introducing new Princesses of Heart?

    Maybe I've forgotten, but I don't think there was an explanation for why Kairi is still a PoH. As for the decision to make new ones, I was a bit disappointed at first, but I got over it. If anything, I was curious which princesses were going to take the final three spots. I just wish they had...
  4. Zettaflare

    A single character. (Community Project)

    Luxord for me. He became one of my favorite characters thanks to KH3 and Re:MIND. I'm hoping we get to learn more about his connection to the Chi and possibly Yozora in KH4. And how that card he gave to Sora will play out.
  5. Zettaflare

    KINGDOM HEARTS Missing Link Coming 2024!

    I like it. The addition of a chorus is a nice touch and makes this rendition stand out.
  6. Zettaflare

    KH references and cameos in other media?

    And the Buster Sword from FF7 as well.
  7. Zettaflare

    TV ► ATLA/Legend of Korra | Avatar Studios launches, headed by Bryan and Michael, to create animated feature film

    First proper trailer is out. I think it looks pretty good so far.
  8. Zettaflare

    Advertisements for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Appear on Social Media

    I love the designs and keyblades of the male and female players. Be cool if they ended up as DLC options for Sora in KH4.
  9. Zettaflare

    KINGDOM HEARTS Missing Link Coming 2024!

    Kind of reminds me of some of the islands from The Caribbean in KH3. Though with a bit less realism.
  10. Zettaflare

    Happy Birthday, Nomura! (Ask Him Anything)

    I'd ask him if he might consider resolving the Cloud and Sephiroth conflict in KH4 or a future title. As well as the return of old and new FF characters again.
  11. Zettaflare

    Kingdom Hearts Reboot

    None really. This person just wants the series to be how he wants it to be, regardless of how implausible his plans are. It's actually quite selfish.
  12. Zettaflare

    Kingdom Hearts Reboot

    Usually when a fan stops liking a certain series they drop it and move on with their lives instead of trying to take it from the original creators. If he thinks he can do better than Nomura why doesn't he try making his own series?
  13. Zettaflare

    Dream On

    I'm sorry for what your going through Spockanort. I know what it's like to not get enough sleep to function. Anyways for me my dream for KH4 is a good balance at Sora going to the standard worlds and living his day to day life(afterlife?) In Quadratum. Where one day Sora is taking on Darth...
  14. Zettaflare

    KH Shower Thoughts

    If Donald and Goofy join Sora in Quadratum are they going to get jobs alongside him to help pay the rent? Wonder what would be a good career path for them?
  15. Zettaflare

    Mini Games & Side Quests in Quadratum Predictions Thread

    Sora doing odd jobs like Roxas in KH2 would be fun. I suggested something like the pizza delivery minigame from the Spider Man 2 video game with Sora's new keychain ability. Aside from that, a Karaoke like club were Sora and Strelitzia can sing would be sweet as well.
  16. Zettaflare

    Where would you place Melody Of Memory...(Fun Discussion)

    For myself, KH4 is the true start of the Lost Masters Arc. ReMind and MoM always felt like sort of an epilogue of KH3 for me.
  17. Zettaflare

    Remember this old Roxas artwork?

    Oh yeah I remember that. That's probably what Roxas would have looked like without Ven's heart. I wouldn't mind it being used at some point. The hairdo is better than Sora's one in KH4 at least.
  18. Zettaflare

    Speculation: Three Playable Storylines in KH4?

    If they do DLC again for KH4 with actual new worlds this time that could give Kairi a playable segment.
  19. Zettaflare

    What date would you set as the "official" Kingdom Hearts Day and why?

    March 28th feels more accessible for people who don't know much about the series so I'd go with that date.
  20. Zettaflare

    TV ► ATLA/Legend of Korra | Avatar Studios launches, headed by Bryan and Michael, to create animated feature film

    Looks good. Like I said when this was fist announced you really can't do worse than Shymalan's abomination. Can't wait for the first proper trailer.