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    Twilight Town in BBS

    ^Your thinking of Days mate, not BBS.
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    Gamespot's 358/2 Days Preview

    Yeah. An asian, an emo-depressed dude, and a fat guy. Ya gotta love it.
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    Gamespot's 358/2 Days Preview

    Lol, i love the people they hire to review games.
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    Will SE pull a Mindf**k with BBS?

    Im fairly certain that the opinions of gamers trump the opinions of game makers. How would a game be successful if it didn't appeal to gamers? Public Opinion. Aha! The opinions of individuals. Whereas you say that the game will make an impression to fanboys, I say the game will not make an...
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    Will SE pull a Mindf**k with BBS?

    Ya lol, i saw that. Anyway. In recent surveys, that i have seen, from major gaming companies, FPS' are now a more popular genre of games. Following ups are usually Action/Adventure, sometimes plateformers, THEN MMOs. In the name of public opinion, FPS are more popular. Either that, or MMO'ers...
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    Will SE pull a Mindf**k with BBS?

    I haven't seen a single one that was on the main page of a gaming website and/or on a youtube game channel. And look what KH2 has done for the franchise. It's growing, but not as much as others. I personally believe we lose more then we gain.
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    Help/Support ► Talking Issues. Help please...

    I would take a picture of your arm and post it to see how many times you actually go outside. Be more social by GETTING OF THE COMPUTER.
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    Will SE pull a Mindf**k with BBS?

    KH Days. Where do you see that? Boom-shaka-laka. Only the first KH was "super big." Everything else has been represented with moderate interest. #junes, etc. Those people are the only guys that make this forum interesting. Compare the KH fanbase to other Fan bases. Ours is on the small...
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    Will SE pull a Mindf**k with BBS?

    I would suggest lack of public news on recent KH games by major gaming websites/industrys would contribute to a depression of KH fans. Look at this site. Look at how many people are KH fans vs. the people who are here to Bs' around. In gaming industry, popular games are FPS', RPGs and MMOs are...
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    Will SE pull a Mindf**k with BBS?

    Yes, but KH is also losing its precious few fans that it has to the new era of gaming. This includes massive multiplayer FPS like Halo and CoD. Todays generation of gamers have dumped japanese-inspired titles for those more engaging and intense ones. Face it, in todays' society, japanese titles...
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    Will SE pull a Mindf**k with BBS?

    i doubt BBS will leave a lasting impression. It'll only be popular among fans of the series.
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    Only ONE new companion so far?

    God, instead of the Princess' of pure hearts, there's the prince's... gay.
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    Terra can't be Xehornat

    Haha, i like this thread. Terra = Terra Xehanort = Xehanort Terra = / = Xehanort
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    Slight possiblity.

    ehh.... how would roxas/ven wind up inside sora then? And what would Soras' and MX's relationship be? i dunno. this is kinda average.
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    Help/Support ► i thought i could get over it but i cant

    Usually when something ain't going the way i want it, I go outside and run. If you've got a lake around where you live, you could got out on an early morning and just wak, run, or just hang out. It's really amazing, beautiful, and it helps you think.
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    NA artist for BBS theme

    I hope they would throw in some american rock into the game! that'd be hawt.
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    The Chupacabra found?

    Breaking News- The mythical beast has been found. Or, at least that's what some people think. Check it out, and you decide. The Buzz Log - The Chupacabra Caught? - Yahoo! Buzz
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    Help/Support ► What's wrong with me?

    Then, perhaps it's a mix of depression and shock. I know what your going through, though mine wasn't nearly as bad as yours. To make it short, I caught my girlfreind of nearly 3 years in the hands of some other dude. I was seriously piss'd off, but I was too shocked to do anything. One half of...
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    Help/Support ► What's wrong with me?

    Well, maybe while you felt sadness... you also felt... relief? After generations of worrying, stress, and tears, you no longer have to go through that, ever again, for him.
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    BBS in the Tokyo Game Show

    when is it again?