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    KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep Novel Vol. 1 (Cover Revealed)

    When will it come out in America (in English)? I WAS excited and then I saw that it was only going to be out in Japan! T_T" Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! T_T"
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    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    I am excited about Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep because of multiple reasons. First off, I love the fact that you can play three different story lines. Terra is like choosing the sword from the first Kingdom Hearts, Aqua is like choosing the wand from the first Kingdom Hearts, and Ventus is...
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    How does BBS rank with the other Kingdom Hearts games

    I didn't get KHII: FM+... -___-" I like KHII the best out of games that I've played though... I also loved RE: CoM actually... ^___^
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    Fanfiction ► Ikari

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh! ^___^ It sounds interesting, to say the least, Ikari-chan! ^___^ I am going to call you Ikari-chan, okay? ^___^ Nice job! I will read the others as well! ^___^ Please continue this prelude soon, okayzies? ^___^"
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    Things on Roxas's Fingures?

    It's cloth. Many people cosplay and when someone cosplays as Roxas, they make those accessories from cloth... ^___^ I admire that you brought up that question though, not caring how simple of a question it sounded. Plus, many people may not now... ^___^
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    Fanfiction ► Reimagination of Kingdom Hearts

    Wow; this is reeeeeeeeally interesting and good... ^___^ I love Riku's story so much better than Sora's in RE: CoM and so I hope to see more of Riku being the main character in this one, because he is a shade of gray character and he is the most like that probably of all of the characters...
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    ME and MX/ Keyblade War theory

    I agree with you. Yet, that is one of the things that makes you love it all, isn't it? xD The KH franchise is notorious for raising more questions than what they answer... ^___^"
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    Alice's Character

    What was so great about Arielle?... O_o xD To me, I think that Alice had the innocence that it takes to be a Princess of Heart... That's my opinion anyway... ^___^"
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    Aqua is....

    I'll correct you; Sora = Japanese for Sky Riku = Japanese for Earth Kairi = Japanese for Water ... They are playing on that as a reoccuring pattern in KH games I believe... ^___^ Either way, I do believe that BBS will open a lot of doors that have yet to even have been spoken of in the KH...
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    sora and vanitas

    He is the true identity and name of DS (Dark Soldier), the guy that walked beside of Master Xehanort in the secret ending to KH II: Final Mix+. It's also in the new trailer that they just posted, so look there if you want. ^___^
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    chaser theory

    how do u mean that "he could easily be in the same boat as Roxas was in...", because Xehanort was not a Nobody, right?
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    what am i suppose to do?

    i was also wondering something about that. i want to play KH: Final Mix+ too, but does it come with the actual voice actors and actresses from the other games (Hailey Joel Osment, David Gallapher, Hayden Pantierre, Brittany Snow, etc.)?
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    Any Luxord Fans?

    Yeah; Luxford ROCKS! he's one of my top fav members of the organization!