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  1. Gizelita

    Reach Out -signature-

    Hello guys! I'm a rather inactive user around here but, whatever. Here goes something I made out of boredom and now here I come in search of some critics. If anyone's got critiques (aside from saying that I'm still a stupid noob at photoshop, that I already know) please post them, some advice...
  2. Gizelita

    Fanfiction ► Death Note - A New Dawn (fanfic)

    Introduction - An unwanted meeting It’s not like I wanted to be there, some people may think my desired was what led me to that place in that dark night, but it was nothing like it. Actually I was just passing by and something I still can’t know what, called my attention to what should have...
  3. Gizelita

    I need critiques

    Well, I've been gone from this site for a few months and I've been working on my graphic editing skills so that when I came back I could be a better artist. Here is some of my work and I'd appreaciate any critics you offer me.
  4. Gizelita

    Key of Darkness

    This is what boredom during class make me: http://gizelita15.deviantart.com/#/d32omj7 Btw, sorry for the small error on the picture, it was my scanner's fault. Even though it's not good this is my best drawing so far. Akuma is a character of a story I'm writing at the moment, and that I might...
  5. Gizelita


    I've just got Ai and I thought I should share some of my recent tries with it. They're not good and all, but the result is acceptable since I did my first try yesterday x.x http://gizelita15.deviantart.com/#/d30tnxw http://gizelita15.deviantart.com/#/d30tv1g Gizelita15 on deviantART I haven't...
  6. Gizelita

    Bleach Tags

    I've been to this part of the forum more and more. So, getting on topic. I've been experimenting some "new" effects I decided to use lately, some of the results I thought were rather good, at least better than what I used to get. Here are the ones I made, and since I know people at this forum...
  7. Gizelita

    White Blizzard

    White Blizzard - Introduction That strange feeling took over my body while I watched all my friends fighting together against him, I couldn't move a muscle, my body wouldn't obey me. I wished to help them, those four people were so much to my life, I couldn't give up on them. But there was...
  8. Gizelita

    Mortal Cry (sign-ups)

    Mortal Cry The future, human race development of technology, environment destruction and natural disasters. The number of human beings in the planet has increased dramatically causing many types of problems. Urban areas took over almost all places of the Earth; there isn't enough space for...
  9. Gizelita

    Futuristic RP, anyone interested?

    Yeah, I know what some people are going to say, I'm "new" to the RP forums, I've only joined one rp so far, etc. The explanation is that not that many rps called my attention so far, or that I just didn't have time to join them. But this is completely off topic from what I was going to say. I...
  10. Gizelita

    Here I go again...

    I know I'm no good at graphics, but, as everyone can see, I keep trying. This time I tryed to make something a bit darker. I'm not sure what everyone thinks but this one I liked a bit, there's something missing though. I'm not really sure about the size yet, so I'm just going to post the one...
  11. Gizelita

    Best friends (please comment)

    I was thinking about putting this one into SOW 142 contest.
  12. Gizelita

    My Failure at Avatars (plese comment)

    I'm a failure at avatars as well as at sigs. Please comment and say opnions (and if possible tips, or what is wrong with them). Thanks for the attention.
  13. Gizelita

    Dark Paths of Life

    I had the idea to write this story yesterday, but I'm not sure if I should continue or not. Introduction She was confused and scared, feeling the taste of blood on her mouth. Once again she had left herself be controlled by that inexplicable power that would lead her to a murder after the other...
  14. Gizelita

    Oh my -.-

    I know I haven't been here for quite a long time and most people here don't know me, but I wanted to have your opnions for some of the photoshops I did "recently", ok, some of them not so recent. I'll put the older ones first and them the new ones...
  15. Gizelita


    So I've been watching Darker than Black lately and I came with the briliant idea of making some photoshops of it. Here's the first one: There are more but I'm a bit out of time so I'll post them tomorrow.
  16. Gizelita

    Fanfiction ► KH: Hidden Apprentice

    This story is complete, already typed and everything, so the only thing I need to do now is review the points you've showed me. I'll reedit these other chapters later so. Thanks you too.
  17. Gizelita

    Fanfiction ► KH: Hidden Apprentice

    I'll try to work on that for the next chapters, I'll post them tomorrow though because I have to rewrite them, and thanks for the tips Vanitas97 and Chaosmax.
  18. Gizelita

    A little bit of my work

    Well, I like to write, draw, use photoshop and make videos, so I thought I could share some old things, most of them need work though. Here are some of my photoshops, I'm still working in most of them. Gizelita15's Gallery Gizelita15's Gallery Gizelita15's Gallery Gizelita15's Gallery...
  19. Gizelita

    Fanfiction ► KH: Hidden Apprentice

    Well that's the intro so I couldn't make it so long. This story goes till chapter 6 I think. Chapter 1 After some tests Xuffie was left at a little room while master Xehanort and master Yen Sid talked "So, she really can be a keyblade master?" Xhanort asked excited "You've already seem that...
  20. Gizelita

    Fanfiction ► KH: Hidden Apprentice

    This is my first fanfic and I felt like sharing. There's also a sequel so if you like it I could post that one too. Introduction It wasn't very long since Xehanort had become a keyblade master, at that day he was walking through Radiant Garden thoughtful when he bumped into a girl that looked...