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  1. deep_but_stupid

    KH 3D Official Site Updated! (2/14)

    Can't wait to boot up my laptop tomorrow to watch subbed, captions won't show on my phone. Also how much mind blow in one trailer!!! Mega hyped !!! So many interesting interpretations and little bits here on the forums that I didn't even see first time round, shall have to watch 4 or 5 times...
  2. deep_but_stupid

    KH 3D NA + EU Releases IN 2012 Confirmed!

    Had to say I panicked when I read "saga reach its conclusion", but then I read "current" and calmed down. At least its saying "kh3 is actually coming, really", pretty much.
  3. deep_but_stupid

    KH 3D NA + EU Releases IN 2012 Confirmed!

    Yes, but not all players are avid followers, some are just players, and then there's the market of 3ds owners just looking for a decent new game which would make a large chunk of sales. I'm not saying they should hold the game back if it was finished months before but it can't be denyed that a...
  4. deep_but_stupid

    KH 3D NA + EU Releases IN 2012 Confirmed!

    I think the ideal release date commercially would be instantly after E3 but I think selfishly all the fan base want it instantly after jp which would be brilliant.
  5. deep_but_stupid

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    theres a link to one on the 119th page :-) now i just want an official dubbed one, but that wont be anytime soon.
  6. deep_but_stupid

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    sure theres a running story book theme, but how does that relate to the game, or maybe it was just pretty visual idea that would look good in 3d (slathers over what the cg would look like in 3D :-)) also I thought it did that quite well myself.
  7. deep_but_stupid

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    I dont see a reason why the rest of the org cant return, when the rg ones can. It just makes sense to bring back the rg ones together in one game and the rest in another game at another time. leaving the rest of the non rg org to fade t nothingness/obscurity especially when im lead to belive...
  8. deep_but_stupid

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    I hope the others come back eventually, perhaps in KH3, especially demyx. It would be too many charachters to have all of org xiii i DDD, it seems to be pushing it all ready :-S edit: this thread is really huge isnt it? contstantly refreshing, the veiwer count goes up a couple of people each...
  9. deep_but_stupid

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    Trailer is so awesome, cant believe i went out for a few minutes and missed when it first came out, love the cg prerendered stuff, so awesome i signed back on to by account after months of just reading ! ! On a different note, I also hope is isnt data Riku, because that would just seem...
  10. deep_but_stupid

    BBS v2?

    yeah, if its on psp they'll have foundations and experience from bbs, also character models and the bulk of the battle system, so shoulnt take relatively long. If on NGP, or even PS3, it would take an awful lot longer, but better graphics and features wouldn't be all that bad. Cant wait until...
  11. deep_but_stupid

    Why does everyone think days was such a bad game?

    Days gets way too much hate. No other game can compete with this level of pure Roxasness.
  12. deep_but_stupid

    Gamespot review

    It always makes me laugh how reveiwers always give games worse scores than ordinary peoples.
  13. deep_but_stupid


    Looks like I'm gonna have to take antihistamines for my keyblade allergy. Still, IGN always gives lower reveiws for the games I like than independant reveiwers.
  14. deep_but_stupid

    When should I even remotely expect a KH3?

    I'm planning on buying KH3 for my children. And they will buy KH4 for their children.
  15. deep_but_stupid

    Da Game Plan

    10/09/1o 8:45 - 3:05 - School 3:10 - pick up my preorder from local game shop (special edition WHOO!) 3:15 - 3:45 walk home with it doing the data install in my bag. 3:45 - 10:30 play, play play . . . And its the weekend after that and I've no other plans.
  16. deep_but_stupid

    Birth By Sleep Guide Book Scans (Spoilers)

    I might try that but only after I've played through a few times first, getting harder each time. (standard - proud - critical - critical 0xp) I'm not brave enough to do it hard first time because I have a crippleing fear of getting seriously stuck half way though a game wthout knowing the...
  17. deep_but_stupid

    who do you think is the toughest?

    Awww, I wanted to vote Roxas.
  18. deep_but_stupid

    BBS English Commercial (Simple and Clean)

    This has been up before. Sorry.
  19. deep_but_stupid

    which disney world are you most excited for

    Deep space because Its got Stitch in it. No other reason nessesary.
  20. deep_but_stupid

    Whats inside a nobody?

    Well inside a nobody there just a load of nobody. Like, inside a human theres just more human.