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    Birth By Sleep Guide Book Scans (Spoilers)

    Re: Birth By Sleep Guide Book Scans (SPoilers) i wonder wat keyblade u get from the mysterious figure
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    coded boss battle

    Re: coded roxas boss battle well does someone know how to move it
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    coded boss battle

    haz anyone seen this boss battle from coded, if not then here it iz, i found it on kh13.com YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Coded - Roxas Fight Edit: ok i realize thiz iz a spoiler... can a mod move it
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    English Trailer @ Comic Con + Aqua/Terra Game Play

    about 33 days to be exact, i think
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    comic con

    so, they have spongebob there nd its not a comic
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    comic con

    r they having playable demos at comic con for KH BBS or r they just advertizing... the reason for me asking is bcause i found this image a gamespot
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    GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Revealed!

    yay, i preorderd mine in may, its going to look great on my silver psp
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    Special Edition Confirmed for France

    Good news, rumors of a collector's edition of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep has just been confirmed by Square Enix France, which has launched the booking of a special edition containing the game, two Artprint and a 48-page artbook similar to those accompanying Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Crisis...
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    Famitsu Summary

    i used google chrome to translate, can someone find a better translation heres the link ????? ?????????? The battle with the ¨ ¨ new system called overclocking. Or apply to enemy attack, it gives a technical ¨ ¨ accumulate clock gauge, to be more than a certain Ability mechanism is triggered...
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    New BBS pics

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    New BBS pics

    i found them on kh13.com
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    New BBS Trailer and Nomura Interview!

    i was totally thinking that
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    New BBS Trailer and Nomura Interview!

    lol nope its still Leonard Nimoy
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    New BBS Trailer and Nomura Interview!

    way better than the e3 trailer now i actually love Aqua's VA
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    New BBS Trailer and Nomura Interview!

    yea they did... probably for easier viewing or something like that
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    New BBS Trailer and Nomura Interview!

    great trailer, seemed more like a Terra trailler
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    Recoded Release Date

    yea i just saw it im srry
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    Recoded Release Date

    On FF-Reunion i found what seems to be the release date for Re:Coded heres a picture
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    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    Re: Wh0 pre-ordered so far? i did, as soon as i pre-ordered MGS: Peace Walker
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    New Scans: Traverse Town & Wonderland

    Here are four images I found with the info, too. (Have bad quality.) Tomato sauce: ????? ?????????????