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  1. ~JD~

    7 year old commits suicide due to bullying.

    Complete news here: 7-year-old's suicide shocks Detroit community | Detroit Free Press | freep.com I can not begin to express how sad I am. Bullying is a huge problem and it NEEDS to stop.
  2. ~JD~

    New KH 3D Screens and Famitsu Article

    Omg, these graphics = love. I was getting pretty sick of the graphics for the regular DS's, from days and re:coded
  3. ~JD~

    Who here were fans...

    Yup, i played before CoM, and i consider myself a die-hard fan. KH is my life, kthx.
  4. ~JD~

    358/2 Days Crazy Connection to BBS that i noticed like 4 monthes ago but never posted it

    Well if you say it like that, roxas is fake too. Well all the nobodies technically dont exist so....
  5. ~JD~

    If KH 3D will be KH 3, will that be a bad idea?

    Lol, definatley on the ps3. The facts: kh was never ever on xbox, he wouldnt make us go buy ANOTHER system just to keep up with the story. That would be: ps2, gba, ds, 3ds, psp, and xbox? That would be rather random. He would need to learn new mechanics to have it on the 360! Yes there FF, but...
  6. ~JD~

    KH Caramelldansen!

    I am attempting to make (a version that isnt fuzzy, unlike all the ones on youtube D=) a KH Caramelldansen video with most of the characters. Right now im starting with the organization, since the pretty much all have the same outfit and i can just copy and paste xP I already have the final...
  7. ~JD~

    Am I the only one who....

    Sora finally took off the short shorts in KHII. He became a man. God, that alone made it ten times better than KH1 xP KH2 FTW! =3
  8. ~JD~

    Namine's Keyblade?

    Ok well roxas definatley had somewhat of a heart, even though it wasnt really his own, but it still wasnt said that namine doesnt have a peice of kairi's heart, i mean roxas had some of sora's. Kairi couldn't wield the keyblade until the very end of KH2, and it wasnt even her's. Nobody...
  9. ~JD~

    Organization Cloak at Hot Topic!

    i found my halloween costume :3 Now i just gotta find a blond wig to be roxas lolwut.
  10. ~JD~

    Favorite Kingdom Hearts Quotes (Throughout the whole series)

    I couldn't find a thread that dealt with quotes from the whole series strangely enough O.O Anyway.... Heres some of my Favorites: "A scattered dream thats like a faroff memory.. a faroff memory thats like a scattered dream... i want to line the pieces up.. yours & mine." ~ Sora "If you have a...
  11. ~JD~

    KH3: Sora's heart(s)....?

    Sooo i never finished days so dont quote me on this but im just gonna say what i was thinking about last night. Ok, so Roxas, is a nobody, but does indeed have a heart, part of sora's and soon part of ven's correct? So sora has a fractured heart to because it went to roxas... So wouldnt that...
  12. ~JD~

    Organization Cloak at Hot Topic!

    I need to go to the mall. Now. Hopefully its not more than $50 =D (But i know it will be :{ )
  13. ~JD~

    The 4th Wallpaper @NA BBS Website

    Thanks :] I completely just pimped out my desktop ;D
  14. ~JD~

    maester xehanort is riku's dad

    IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW: Xehanort doesn't like protection. *shrugs*
  15. ~JD~

    Namine's Keyblade?

    If someone gave namine a keyblade she could probably wield it, as kairi could in the end of kh2. But kairi wasnt chosen by the keyblade, so namine wasnt either. Its kinda simple. You say shes connected to sora, but shes really connected to kairi. namine is also connected to sora (indirectly)...
  16. ~JD~

    Do you think KH "3DS" ...

    If KH3 is on xbox ill hafta kill myself. Not really but i bought a ps3 over xbox for the reason of kh3 xD
  17. ~JD~

    Did anyone Import Re:Coded??

    Why am i trying to play this if i dont even understand japanese? I have no idea whats going on and i dont know if im even saving right lol.
  18. ~JD~

    Re:coded TGS 2010 Trailer now up on official JPN site

    Re: coded TGS 2010 Trailer now up on official JPN site Im like really excited for this now even tho im not even close to beating BBS o.o
  19. ~JD~

    Why does everyone think days was such a bad game?

    i really liked xion >.< Days was ok, just not the best. I mean its better than most of the other crap you get on the DS anyway.
  20. ~JD~

    Forum Idea: Mobile version

    i was just wondering if maybe the admins and other staff of khinsider could add the tapatalk plugin to the forum? It allows viewing the forum in a mobile version in an app that is available for many major phone types, such as: Palm (webOS), Android, windows phones, iphones/ipods, and even...