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  1. Sora'sOtherSide

    Kingdom Hearts 3DS Gameplay footage

    They just flipped it to be consistent with how he wields it in every other game. How he wields it in the second picture is how he usually wields it.
  2. Sora'sOtherSide

    Everyone else's Somebody names?

    Yes, but Xemnas' Somebody (Xehanort) stole the name "Ansem" and used it for himself. It's all explained in KH2.
  3. Sora'sOtherSide


    If you actually think about the line and its context, it actually fits fine in the situation. Having ice cream was the only thing Roxas could describe friendship as. Roxas: So... friends are people... that eat ice cream together...? Axel: ... Yeah, something like that. So really, when Roxas...
  4. Sora'sOtherSide

    358/2 Days Sweepstakes

    There is a sweepstakes on the Square Enix Members website. Grand Prize is a DSi system with all of the preorder stuff (2 posters, 4 postcards, and a slipcover) from the other stores, and First Prize is the preorder stuff. There are 2 and 10 prizes for each, respectively...
  5. Sora'sOtherSide

    anybody else mad/sad?

    I didn't think Monstro was that bad... But yeah, it would have been awesome if they had included the Pinocchio world.
  6. Sora'sOtherSide

    Sora's stolen keyblade

    Sora actually was the owner of the Keyblade that whole time, Riku's heart was just stronger at that particular moment. When Sora's heart became stronger than Riku's again, the Keyblade came back to him. As for the OP's question, Sora only has one Keyblade.
  7. Sora'sOtherSide

    Swap Magic & re: CoM.

    Not for NA games. As for my opinion, I would just play it on GBA. There's not much of a difference between the two, and it feels better on the GBA.
  8. Sora'sOtherSide

    The World Ends with You

    I use Brave+ tablets from Shibu-Q. They raise Brave by 20 and it goes down in only 3 bytes. I used to use the Ginseng, but the Brave+ is more effective overall.
  9. Sora'sOtherSide

    Coded's platform?

    DSi has DSiWare. I hope it goes onto DSiWare, WiiWare, and PSN. That way, PSP, PS3, Wii, and DSi would get it. Lots more sales.
  10. Sora'sOtherSide

    Episode Three Famitsu Summary [Spoilers]

    Cool, thanks! From reading summaries of the episodes released so far, this game seems pretty interesting. I hope we get it eventually in some form.
  11. Sora'sOtherSide

    Disappointed with Days?

    Because we already know how it ends.
  12. Sora'sOtherSide

    Looks like i was right....

    Of course, he can have a favorite. But that doesn't mean he wants one to be better or do better than the others.
  13. Sora'sOtherSide

    Looks like i was right....

    You misread my post. To put it in other words: "Why would he purposefully intend to make coded worse than BBS?"
  14. Sora'sOtherSide

    Looks like i was right....

    I don't see any reasoning behing that. Why would he want to make coded as good as BBS and Days?