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  1. morgancb35

    Kingdom Hearts Chronicles

    Oh my gosh! I remember this. That price is right part was sooo funny. I laughed over that for days!
  2. morgancb35

    Xehanort's Guardian

    I think it's eraqus. It sorta looks like him.
  3. morgancb35

    Least favorite character at Castle Oblivion?

    Vixen for sure. He was like a failed attempt at being hojo from ffvii
  4. morgancb35

    Icing on the cake

    Oh cool. I'll have to try that out! I wonder if it truly does taste good though?
  5. morgancb35

    Axel and Roxas's Friendship

    I too felt like it was a big brother type of relationship. Roxas was like the little brother who had to be taught the ropes of things.
  6. morgancb35

    Re-viewing KHII

    I feel the same way. Kh2 was so awesome at the time, and still is fun, but compared to kh1 it is flawed in a few areas.
  7. morgancb35

    A logical way to stop Org. 13's plans in Kh2

    Is it possible that sora could fetch the hearts before they reach kingdom hearts? Just a thought.
  8. morgancb35


    I was a little surprised that they introduced tron. I'm glad they did it's easily one of my favorite locations in kh2
  9. morgancb35

    Aerith's Voice

    Mandy Moore was so much better. Mena suvari just sounded dull and very monotoned.
  10. morgancb35

    What's your favorite Mini game in BBS?

    The command board was my favorite. I won played that mini game so many times it's unreal!
  11. morgancb35

    Favorite Characters in KH2

    Roxas, riku, and kairi. I totally was stunned that the guy that looked like ansem was riku.
  12. morgancb35

    It's highly unlikely but...

    Didn't think about that. Your probably right.
  13. morgancb35

    (Theory) Roxas's Dual Keyblades

    Totally see your point and agree with you. Your theory makes so much since and has answer a few of my questions as well.
  14. morgancb35

    Who do you think is the most annoying boss ever!?

    Hands down demyx. How annoying of a boss he was! It felt almost like a mini game
  15. morgancb35

    The Music of Birth by Sleep

    The bbs soundtrack really adds to the kh story. The key blade graveyard theme was sooo eerie and unsettling.
  16. morgancb35


    I bet hades got him in the underworld and he will make an appearance in kh3. Hopefully! I really liked him in bbs
  17. morgancb35

    Favorite Character Story and Favorite Character Battle-Style

    Fav story would ventus and fav battle type would be aqua. I liked vens because it showed more about vanitus and more back stories to how he came about. Aquas battle style was more precise and I thought that was cool.
  18. morgancb35

    WAIT wait... wait...

    I'm glad you asked because I wanted to know how that worked too. So will they have this appearance in kh3 you think or will they look like they did in kh2?
  19. morgancb35

    Why does Roxas look more like Ventus than Sora?

    I also thought roxas learned to wield two key blades because xion died. But it does make since that he learned from ventus. I don't know... Kinda confusing!
  20. morgancb35

    Which Disney boss is your favorite battle?

    That's a toughy! I have to go with riku or chernabog