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    Romantic drama without a name.

    I had a dream. I'm going to write about it. Romance drama. April 24th, 2008. The light turned red and Alan started to walk across the street. It was a beautiful sunday afternoon and he was wearing a slightly beach themed outfit. The cars racing by gave off a breeze that made him feel even...
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    One Dark Minute - Series, comic-style based tragedy-horror-drama

    I'm taking out the garbage that's been piling up in my head for quite some time. I need to empty it, or this will just be another locked room in my imagination. It's the garbage ( and somehow only real fun anymore, sadly ) that I want to share. I'm going to be using a different type of writing...
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    does Axel have a heart?

    I think this might just be over speculating. Remember that someone created a video game. You played this game. They are not real characters. In saying that, I agree with the remembering emotions. It was said someone in the game, I'm almost positive by Axel himself. They remember how emotions...
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    Help/Support ► Where should I go for Christmas?

    Unfortunately, I need to share what I've been through over the past year... coincidentally, over the past year to this exact day. For future referrence, Paradise is located in North California, right by Chico. Not ten minutes away. This day, last year, I was sent from San Mateo california (...
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    Valentine Shuffle

    Valentine Shuffle His life was thrown into the gutters of society, As was the life of his love, His passion no longer existent in sobriety, Then spawned a pursuit thereof. Oh my darling, oh my darling, Oh my darling, Clementine, No memories, only inklings, Before Clement Valentine. Seeking...
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    Nifleheim The road was slick and rain still pattered down ahead of my nice Infinity. For some reason my parents decided to surprise me with the new car on my birthday last winter. It was a nice gift, but out of place, taking all of our recent, rough times into consideration. My mother wasn't...
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    Help/Support ► Night Terrors

    Once I woke up and saw someone double post. I'm not sure if it was real or not. :D
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    Help/Support ► Another Girl Problem

    Be yourself is kind of not really helpful. Just saying flat out, BE YOURSELF, KID, isn't going to do anything for you. Because I'd be willing to bet that you're approaching that girl thinking "just be yourself" and guess what happens when you do that? The exact opposite. Just don't think about...
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    Help/Support ► Night Terrors

    I've had things like this happen to me. A common one for me, There's a man in my kitchen, looking in my fridge. When I go to see who's there, as I can clearly see a shadow on the wall which the light from the fridge is making, no one is there and my fridge is even closed. Then I'll try going...
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    Fanfiction ► A Moon Turned Blue by FoT

    Yeah. Thanks. I'll have a new chapter up... tomorrow, or friday. Birthday today, so I'm not in the mood, naturally. :D
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    Fanfiction ► A Moon Turned Blue by FoT

    Posting as new chapter this week. I have a few finished, but not the next one. I need to revise it a little. Then I'll have it up.
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    Help/Support ► Wth.

    Same here. Maybe Baka Ushi should date someone with CF to solve all of her problems. I'm not offering. I'm extending an offer from GungonX. :D
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    Help/Support ► Wth.

    If only I was fertile. 'Tis a shame, is it not?
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    Help/Support ► On a college level , woman level how do I know if she likes me?

    You have nothing to worry about. Basically, based on what you've said, you should have no problem at least getting to know this girl. Just start off with a simple conversation. "How about that weather?" even works. It's quite, quite easy. Work your way up to the stuff you want to know. "How...
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    Help/Support ► On a college level , woman level how do I know if she likes me?

    Let us see your picture. We'll tell you if she likes you or not. On a college level.
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    Help/Support ► Wth.

    I'd rather spread my silly diseases.
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    Fanfiction ► The Malevolent Story Collection,

    Nifleheim by Curtis Harvey Chapter One - The Ebbed Cloud The road was slick, and rain still pattered down ahead of my nice Infinity. For some reason, my parents decided to surprise me with a new car on my birthday last winter. It was a nice gift, but out of place, taking all of the rough...
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    Fanfiction ► Quotes upon quotes

    Time wasted is just time that wasn't enjoyed.
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    Fate Without God?

    I was having a discussion with two of my friends. The topic was fate. Basically, my first friend said he believed in fate, but not God. My second friend said that that was impossible. My second friend stated that it was impossible to believe in fate without a higher being, because if you didn't...
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    Fanfiction ► The Malevolent Story Collection,

    Now that I have your attention, feel free to keep an eye on this thread. I haven't the time to write any now, but, eventually, I will start writing small one to two chapter lengthed 'scary' stories that I have heard from family, friends, or have come up with on my own. Mostly, they will be my...