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  1. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    GTO: Shonan 14 days

    Manga Fox: GTO: Shonan 14 Days Manga Series
  2. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Thinkgeek reselling NEW DREAMCASTS FOR $99

    Playback 42 - Playback - Yahoo! Games It's ThinkGeeking: Online retailer selling new Dreamcasts Holy shit it's time for some Space Channel 5 EDIT: Hurf a durf you can't resell NEW concoles
  3. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    O' Reilly Rips on Eminem spoof

    Eminem's Palin Spoof Condemned By Bill O'Reilly - Hip-Hop Media Training The video in question: DptkI0EY6ZY Ha, we are talking about Eminem here, I think he's done more "obscene and inappropriate" things than this.
  4. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    New Mario and Luigi 3 for DS

    YouTube - Mario & Luigi RPG 3 - Japanese Trailer. You get to play as Bowser.
  5. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    What do you guys think of this Batman? I personally think that it doesn't have the edge that the old Batman had (which totally kicked ass). What do you think, a good predecessor? Or another fail of the new CN?
  6. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Which one are you

    Flame Warriors Home Flame warriors. Which one are you and what do you think others are.
  7. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Help/Support ► Love Problem....Can you guys help me?

    Wrong section, should be in Help and Support. Or you get "Stick it in her pooper" jokes.
  8. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Inevitable Trouble

    Is their anyway to get back at my lil 7 year old bro? If you even sneeze at him he snitches on your ass. He is practically untouchable. Anyway to get back at the lil brat?
  9. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Fanfiction ► For I have power.

  10. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Fanfiction ► Pokemon Origins

    Pretty damn awesome fanfic you have here.
  11. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Fanfiction ► For I have power.

    Heh this is great! 1 and a ½ chapters!
  12. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Fanfiction ► For I have power.

    That was awesome, it's too bad I can't read much. I am sorta cut off from the internet because of my brothers, and I can't read during class because I moved next to the teach (damn Pedo). Anyways, I'll try to read this awesome story when I can get to it.
  13. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Fanfiction ► For I have power.

    Good, that's some good reading. I haven't read another fanfic since... 2006! This has been the first in years!
  14. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Left 4 Dead Discussion

    The other Left 4 Dead thread died... 8 months ago, so I'm gonna just create a new one. More information can be found here: Left 4 Dead 411 - Left 4 Dead information, news and strategy
  15. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Fanfiction ► Perversity

    This is a great story, with a title that drove me in here (for I had thought it had something to do with perverts xD). I had thought this to be about comedy, but it has drama in it, which I crave right now. So, are you gonna just leave it like this or are you gonna continue this? xP
  16. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Fanfiction ► For I have power.

    This is the awesomeness, with so much details that a story like this needs. AWESOME I SAY!!
  17. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Fanfiction ► For I have power.

    Yes, you have all the time in the world xP
  18. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    Fanfiction ► For I have power.

    You have the powertokeep me captivated on a story. You have my thanks on such a great story =D
  19. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    Downloading the emulater. 'Nuf said.
  20. SoRaBhK_dUdE

    GBA games

    Any good GBA games out there still to get/buy? So far my "library" is: FF Tactics Advance Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Red rescue ranger Pokemon Pinball2 YGO GX Medabots Rokoshu (the one without a good story line and the one where you start in a lab) Medabots Medabee (Lab) Metal Slug Advanced LoZ...