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    [POLL] Mar-look-sha or Mar-loo-sha?

    I do the exact some thing, Mar-LUZ-ia, and I accept ZION, SION, ZEON,
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    No Nobodies?

    Personally I want Nobodies back. I want future KH games to show how the Nobodies are coping in a Post ORG XIII world.
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    How excited where you when you got KH2

    I was way excited I got it for my Birthday and I was so excited, i think i may have cried with how happy I was, its still worth it, granted I wish I was aware of CoM i think the story would have been better if I new that existed KH2 probably would have gone better.
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    Yeah kh2 was......

    wait isn't twilight thorn the training boss that there is no possible way to lose to like ansem in RE:CoM?
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    KH2 is easy but what was the 'hardest' part?

    Re: KH2 is easy but what was the 'hardest' part?? I aggree I find Xaldin about as Hard as Axel 1, he is super easy as long as you don't anti form drive, I think Demyx was pretty easy too, just Wisdom form, no Sephiroth for me has always been IMPOSSIBLE.
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    RE:CoM SpellBinder?

    RE:CoM SpellBinder? where do you get spellbinder or is it one of the card you get only after beating Sora's story? in the normal version it was in 100 acre wood but this time owl didn't give it to me.
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    Secret Ending in BBS?

    it could end up stupid like a preview of KH1, or a CGI version of the king meeting AtW
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    UPDATED w/Scans: 358/2 Days - April V Jump Details

    which means that Zexion,Larxene,Marluxia,Lexaeus, and Vexen will be around for a few of the "Days" however pretty soon they and axel as well will be absent from the game for some time (same with riku and the king) what I want to know is Does Xion get inducted before this or after? if before i...
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    UPDATED w/Scans: 358/2 Days - April V Jump Details

    why does Roxas have no partner on agrabah? and also why (if Demyx is there) is he alone at OC as well.
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    Need Help

    sometimes it isn't right next to the door, RULE #1 Smash everything in the room.
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    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    Fighting Cerberus with auron. between the Evade,Jump, Dogpaddle reactions and Aurons Limit it was really cool looking, same with the Hydra, they really did a good job designing that fight.
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    Need Help

    there is a plant in the room you are in smash it and the vines will be gone.
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    Who else here hates premium cards?

    premium cards are useless to me, and they always have been. so have summons and any magics besides Cure.
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    Heartless Card Help

    i also want to know is there a trick to getting Heartless cards? i've been killing these things by the hundreds (literally) and i only have 8 cards, is there some Lucky places, or does it go up with your level? cause otherwise i fear i will never finish the Journal.
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    Organization XIII

    so do I, and apparently he is Nomura's Fav as well, (wonder why he got so few lines then?) i think that the idea that you have to think creatively to beat him is cool, i just wish he were more challenging.
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    Quinton Flynn's Voice Acting

    Personally i don't like his acting style at all, if i had to pick a fav id say his reno, and thats only because reno is supposed to sound wierd to begin with. but even there he dosn't sound proffessional, and he kinda uses the same voice almost, but i digress, his RE:CoM voice is better for the...
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    quick KH2 manga question

    ok I am aware that there are only 2 volumes of KH2 manga in America, but are there more in Japanese?
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    Quinton Flynn's Voice Acting

    i think its the opposite i like(?) his voice in RE:CoM better than KH2, in KH2 he sounds, idk like all naselly, and he sounds less so in CoM, now personally i don't like his VA style at all im just saying that he sounds less gay for roxas in CoM
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    well don't drive, thats what makes this battle hard because most people who drive, turn into anti form (which is bad here) other then that id say skip the learning and jumping its a waste of time (IMO) mostly what i do is limit with beast and then just beat the crap out of him and so far i've...
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    Any thoughts on...

    the world adventures of the as of this posting possible future Kh3 (the game we don't know, but we really do know that they will eventually make) I mean we all know that (unofficial)SPOILER Xehenorts somebody will be the main baddie and Malificent will show up...again but with the...