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  1. Genesis

    The Pride Lands

    I loved the peak, for obvious reasons.
  2. Genesis

    (Spoiler Days) Someone has a lot of Skeletons in his Closet

    That means, I obviously missed something. Keychain = Master? How so?
  3. Genesis

    Rikus Blindfold

    Actually, if Im not wrong, the blindfold was to do the opposite of that. i.e. to prevent Riku from being closer to the darkness. Or something along those lines. It was said that the blindfold was to cover Riku's eye which " couldn't lie " .
  4. Genesis

    what is wrong with king mickey?

    Not plothole. That ^
  5. Genesis

    What was your lvl when you beated Sephiroth?

    First time : 99 Highest : 99 So er... yeah.
  6. Genesis

    Rikus Blindfold

    So since this is answered.... /thread?
  7. Genesis

    The fenrir

    Shouldnt you expect the blade to be long? Since it is obtained after fighing Sephiroth ( who if you havent noticed, has a loooooooooooooooooooooong sword)
  8. Genesis

    Terra/ Ven's connection found in Xemnas/Roxas

    Then what about in Deep Dive? Where Roxas ran up Memory's Skyscrapper while Riku jumped off the top, reflected by the 1st battle with Xemnas. With Sora taking Roxas' place and Riku, Xemnas.' ap0jxD8uV5M 1ZT8f-1fgs8 Sorry the second video is a little long.
  9. Genesis

    The fenrir

    Yep. Thats right. Like Firagex said, the Ultima is also slightly longer than the rest.
  10. Genesis

    The fenrir

    So, no. Not all keyblades are the same length.
  11. Genesis

    Rikus Blindfold

    Does.. that have any connection to Riku being able to see while blindfolded?
  12. Genesis

    riku replica thought

    But he is dead. So forget about him. Doubt we will be seeing him in any of the KH games anymore.
  13. Genesis

    Rikus Blindfold

    I dont think he can.
  14. Genesis

    The fenrir

    The Fenrir is a little bit longer than the rest of the keyblades.
  15. Genesis

    what is wrong with king mickey?

    But King Mickey knew where Riku was.
  16. Genesis

    Most Annoying Boss

    He was just hard. Not as hard as Marly though.
  17. Genesis

    Who are you gonna play first in BBS?

    Ventus. Aqua Terra.
  18. Genesis

    Most Annoying Boss

    Marluxia. Oh and Repliku IV.
  19. Genesis

    Anyone hoping BBS won't be

    I sure hope its not easy.
  20. Genesis

    what is wrong with king mickey?

    He was afraid the Moogles would overhear him.