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  1. Leonard

    Xehanort in LoD - probably quite late with this question

    Oh, well I guess there I have my answer then. :D Thanks guys. Let's see if Nomura decided to make it canon at some point after all.
  2. Leonard

    Xehanort in LoD - probably quite late with this question

    Regarding the fight being canon: Game:Young Xehanort - Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia Apperently it's something that was said in a Dengeki interview. Or maybe I'm misinterpreting the statement "scene is within canon"?
  3. Leonard

    Xehanort in LoD - probably quite late with this question

    Was there ever any official information given as to why Young Xehanort confronted Aqua/Ventus/Terra in the Land of Departure? How does this tie in with the plans detailed in DDD? It's all canon after all. Apparently he's also shown walking toward the castle once one defeats him. I am confus. :l
  4. Leonard

    Couple of plot questions - oh god my brain hurts :I

    Heyo, so I recently finished the game and holy balls did it take me some time (and multiple khwiki-entries) to wrap my head around the plot. The last time I had to spend this much time on an ending was Bioshock Infinite. =_=' There are still some things I haven't quite found an answer for yet...
  5. Leonard

    Vanitas' Novel Backstory

    Oh, well then we should definitely remind the front page staff to post it if you finish it. ;D
  6. Leonard

    Vanitas' Novel Backstory

    Are there any other translated back story infos in the other novels, such as this? Haven't been following them for a while. Would certainly be interesting.
  7. Leonard

    Help/Support ► The story of a Virgin

    First times hold such great expectations for some people out there which probably makes them seem so sacred. But really, it's just sex. Hot sweaty monkey sex. Most unexperienced men don't last too long on their first tries anyway from what I've heard. It's sometimes not as big a deal as you...
  8. Leonard

    Help/Support ► Dealing with love troubles

    Have you ever heard the phrase "statistics mean nothing to the individual"? Same applies here. The individual human is more complex than that. Anybody saying they can foresee the outcome of their interactions with another person, just by applying a stereotype to them, is a liar. You don't even...
  9. Leonard

    Help/Support ► Dealing with love troubles

    Kay, I'm here, as promised. :D First of all, why do you keep calling yourself a nerd and degrading yourself? What's the point? This is probably the biggest problem with your self-confidence; you keep putting yourself below others, but you don't have to do that. Heck, you even were able to...
  10. Leonard

    Birth By Sleep - Unplayable Worlds (slight spoilers)

    These worlds are set up because they need them in the cutscenes. The cutscenes are made using the in-game models, so they need them as framework conditions for recording their stuff. I think the author edits that in afterwards either via the hacking device or the video editor, just for the...
  11. Leonard

    Birth By Sleep - Unplayable Worlds (slight spoilers)

    I do hope nobody posted it yet, but I found this neat little video here today on YouTube: wp1IiVpRMXM It's not too exciting for those who have already completed and know all the cutscenes, but it does have some really juicy bits going for it. It explores Destiny Islands' Town quite a bit for...
  12. Leonard

    Help/Support ► Mumbling

    Well, I'm not sure if this is really similar to your problem but when I'm in a group of people I tend to get overheard because I speak too quietly. I don't know, maybe I'm too hesitant or shy when I contribute to a discussion, but I hear myself just fine while other people don't. Normally I...
  13. Leonard

    Help/Support ► PS2 help

    Say, did you buy a scart/3-RCA cable adapter for that? o: I mean, I don't remember consoles ever being shipped with S-Video cables. I'd like to try it out, though. Using the Wii on an HD TV is pretty crappy, too.
  14. Leonard

    Help/Support ► Eye Contact

    That's just a very common part of human behavior. It's this "imaginary barrier" people build up around themselves because they're too afraid of negative impressions that might arise from how they interact with each other. There are some who are over self-conscious, but I also know many people...
  15. Leonard

    Japanese Subtitled Cutscenes

    I don't wanna sound like an ass constantly saying that it's shit, so I'll just say that it is "massively below average". Ah okay, got it. Thanks for the help, ma'am.
  16. Leonard

    Japanese Subtitled Cutscenes

    Hm, both seem to have none, I'm afraid. Oh and Ragnell, strwbrymilk's videos were actually the ones I thought were too inaccurate. But still, thanks for the tip. Anybody else got some suggestions?
  17. Leonard

    Japanese Subtitled Cutscenes

    I've been looking through a few sites like Youtube the past few days, hoping to find a place where I can watch the Japanese cutscenes of the game with subtitles and with a somewhat decent quality. Of course I've been able to find one or two channels on Youtube, but as I watched those, I noticed...
  18. Leonard

    Infinity Blade

    Infinity Blade Video Game, Exclusive Debut Trailer HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com So uh, I'll admit that I don't know shit about the technology in Apple's iOS devices. But holy shit, this is unbelievable.
  19. Leonard

    Merchandise: BBS Keyblade Keychains

    I bought Ven's in Japan. Pretty well made. :D But Terra's Blade is sadly not very accurately crafted. The handle-part at least.