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  1. Ryu

    David Guetta

    one love is delicious
  2. Ryu

    Help/Support ► Push me

    and then just touch me V5bYDhZBFLA
  3. Ryu

    Help/Support ► Ya come over here before I fall asleep!

    spend most your available time finding ways to stay awake itll work like a charm trust me good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ryu

    Help/Support ► Dissection.

    my problem is that if someone wants to attend a class like this or pursue a career in forensics, a dead cat won't be the worst mental problem you'll deal with. Just go in there, stab the thing, cry yourself to sleep over it after if you feel like it, but the more you do it the more you start to...
  5. Ryu

    Help/Support ► Dissection.

    they 'force' him because he was the one who joined the fucking class, so grow some fucking balls and deal with it
  6. Ryu

    Help/Support ► WHY CAN'T I WHITE GIRLS?

    Re: WHY CAN'T I GET WHITE GIRLS? all of this very much so, but I love it anyway I LOVE IT also I have to note, from the title I thought this thread was about getting girls stoned out their faces
  7. Ryu


    don't think KHI is the place I should look for a large Jamiroquai fanbase but nevertheless let me get some Jay Kay up in this bitch MYYjBDnT_s4 KBwa0Eg4tRQ Dt3I2xz66PA KW7XMWLnizw
  8. Ryu

    Help/Support ► Stupid reproductive system!

    you shouldnt be drinking youre underage it stuns your growth and destroys braincells theres a reason its illegal to do at a young age duh
  9. Ryu

    Help/Support ► Dad wants wife to get an abortion.

    He has a say in the matter but he has no right to force her to do anything. Regardless of the child being his, the medical procedure is being done to her body. She has to give consent and should never be forced to. And it's safe to say that in most abortion cases, the mother is the one who's...
  10. Ryu

    Help/Support ► Dad wants wife to get an abortion.

    Because we have so many rich speeding pot-smoking drunks trying to destroy capitalism with duct tape watching this thread. Fighting wars in the name of god or America, hurting and killing thousands or millions of people in the process is to be condoned, but the second a woman terminates an...
  11. Ryu

    Help/Support ► But I can't do it alone!

    this. and don't take offense because it is the most effective method. you'll feel embarassed the first few times anyway regardless of whether you suck or not. deal with it and make progress. hell knows you won't make any sitting around asking the internet to make you feel better because when...
  12. Ryu

    Eurovision '09

    oh my god don't tell me none of you preppy homo's be representin for this year's eurovision. The finale was this weekend so we already know the winner, but you can still discuss the odd flukes that turned out to actually be good songs/performances in an event that's actually only good for a...
  13. Ryu

    Help/Support ► Let's talk about sex, baby; let's talk about you and me

    Re: [ MATURE ] The Sex Thread [ MATURE ] So if the sex is good, the wedding is on. If the sex is shit, the wedding is off? Then why even stay in a committed relationship with each other, when something as relatively minuscule and solvable as a bad fuck will ruin it? If the mutual honesty and...
  14. Ryu

    You know what KHI, let's interview each other [03/09/09 - Ken]

    After quite the enlightening MSN conversation with one of KHI's most notorious members, I managed to decipher the whole and with it, construct a compact interview. Can't say we can start this off without a proper introduction. So; who is Ken? Who is Ken? I am ken. Ken is ryu's rival and...
  15. Ryu

    The Prodigy / IMD

    Your thoughts. Wait, you haven't heard it yet? Oh that's right, europe gets something first for a change. fyea
  16. Ryu

    Help/Support ► Need help, topic is a wonderful girl <3

    oi, lego's are fucking awesome. talking to her would be a very good start to either get in a deep relationship, or her pants. Whichever you're interested in.
  17. Ryu

    tom cruise is a hero

    not having seen the entire movie I can't honestly say how much it sucked, but from what I did see, this got the most laughs out of me
  18. Ryu

    Exclusion and acceptance.

    So this weekend I was debating with this bitch irl, and - like many other wussy Christians - she brought up the fact that she hated how some religions (one in particular caught her eye, but I'll generalize for now) exclude former members or don't 'accept someone for who they are'. Whether it's...
  19. Ryu


    NO HOMOS OR BIS OR QUEERS OR FAGS this is the perfect thread for coming out. society today requires us to be homo or bi BUT GUESS WHAT i bet if there is a god then he loves everyone even if they're straight so f*k off all haters. i mean like there are even straights in nature like phioenix and...
  20. Ryu

    Paris for president.

    YouTube - Paris Hilton For President? totally hot discuss