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  1. Xorbok

    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    X3 My love for this game grows stronger!!!!
  2. Xorbok

    Full Famitsu Scans

    Re: Partial Famitsu Scans (Lea + Isa) OOOO I wan't to see some FF emos >o And atleast Nomura is making his outfits more modern!
  3. Xorbok

    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    I know right!!! I hated that kid with a passion, (in the boss fight)
  4. Xorbok


    ^ ditto .
  5. Xorbok

    Best World in 358/2 Days

    Twilight Town. ( no duh) It would be cool if they had Hollow Bastion (Radiant Garden) in the game. Then we could se some FF emos!!!
  6. Xorbok

    Hardest/Easiest Boss Fight In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    Well at first I didn't know what to do at the ruler of the sky, so it was the hardest at the time. Otherwise its a peace of kake now.
  7. Xorbok

    Sora and Namine (Spoilers)

    Well I hope he likes Nami more beacause Kairi is a !#$*!!!!!!! (only sometimes)
  8. Xorbok

    Hardest/Easiest Boss Fight In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    Hardest: Ruler of the sky (I died a few times XD ) EASIEST: Darkside ( I think hes saposed to be hard...)
  9. Xorbok

    Organization name change

    So in com they just didn't abbreviate Organization Xii?
  10. Xorbok

    Caption Contest

    Well hopefully the results will come out this month ^^ And theres probally more entrees than we think XD
  11. Xorbok


    Thats why most of us picked it :lol:
  12. Xorbok

    Something I wish they would have done in KH2

    Same here. It would have been more fun if they were more KH1-ish. The worlds were still nice though ^^
  13. Xorbok

    Favorite KH2 Org. Member

    Axel all the way! Why........(like yo cant tell)
  14. Xorbok

    Who's Your Favorite Character in Mission Mode?

    I only use Axel 4 when I play grandsetter. (sorry if thats what its not cald) But I use Roxas all the time XD Cant get enough of the keyblade, lol.
  15. Xorbok

    Favorite magic

    Lol me to XD .........................
  16. Xorbok

    Best Organization Members in CoM

  17. Xorbok

    Marluxia's Element

    To me its dark flowers. He kinda uses them equally.
  18. Xorbok

    Pinocchio's' World

    Same here. I dont know why people like it so much.
  19. Xorbok

    358/2 Defeated

    Well Cool ^^ But this isnt worth talking about.
  20. Xorbok

    Worst world in the game

    Halloween town. The bosses were kinda hard and we didn't see enought cutscenes!