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    Another though- Terra and Riku small connection

    I know this is really really small and people are going to talk about how insignificant this is, but I feel like pointing it out anyways. If you hate small connections look away now because I warned you that this is so small people are bound to flame. Do you notice how throughout time...
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    Just a thought...

    Since Ven and Kairi are both thought to have hearts of pure light, they could have a bigger connection. Just like Namine has something to do with Sora, Roxas could have something to do with Kairi. Instead of becoming part of Sora, Ven could have become part of Kairi through experiment and then...
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    Quick Costume

    A Disney dress-up sprit day is happening in a couple of weeks at my school. I was thinking of going as my own organization member, but I don't know how much I can pull off before the spirit day. I still have homework and practice so I don't really have that much time to work on it. Any ideas?
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    Who is Vanitas?

    Re: Why Vanitas face is still covered! He's saying if they look similar. Kind of like how Terra~Xehanort.
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    Axel said

    I never saw the scene either... unless it was in a word bubble that I skipped. Anybody here think they might have skipped it in a word bubble?
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    Terra is definetly (not?) Xehanort??!!!?!?!?!!!!???!!!!!

    This is really common and really old... Like I said, I'm sticking with Erauqs either way Maybe he passed the keyblade on, or it left him.
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    I love whenever Mansex does his speeches with all the dramtic hand motions and the deep voice
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    Is Org XIII really THAT bad?

    They just wanted to be whole and tried to create a Kingdom Hearts. All they had to do was create some heartless and kill some people and create dark emotions in others' hearts. They might have known it was bad, but they didn't feel it was bad. So I see them as accidental bad guys.
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    358/2 days ending question

    It doesn't really matter what they were saying, it's the memory that matters.
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    What I think

    I don't think so because that would be really kiddish and disobedient for Ven, a keyblade master. Not to mention Nomura said BbS was supposed to be serious
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    A buncha 358/2 days questions

    #1-358 days in the lives of two people (Xion and Roxas) #2- Saix confirmed that it depends on how people see her #3- I never really understood that either. I just thought it was showing what happened on the island earlier #4- Because she realized that Sora needed both of them to die for him to...
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    Nobodys and there Somebodys

    Because nobodies are the person's "shell", so the outside would stay the same. Roxas and Namine are special.
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    In addition to what Lonbilly said, she's the most mysterious of the 3 and seems really important
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    Heartless with emblems are made from the experiments right? Then why did that man/lady from Traverse Town turn into an emblem heartless when their heart was stolen? And aren't emblem heartless supposed to have the hearts?
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    What would Xion's title be?

    Puppet of Memories
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    Vanitas, Ven, and the Kingdom Key (A.K.A. VVKK)

    Grrrrr...... I need to start putting up my theories sooner. Well actually I did in a really short post but didn't elaborate. Anyways, good job *resentful handshake and +rep* (^^)
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    santuary dancers?

    :23: No really people? They're just saying they look alike. It seems like everybody's gone paraniod at everybody else trying to put significance in small details, so now nobody can say 'coincidence' without being attacked. And they do remind me of nobody dancers. :23:
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    Kairi's Message

    ^ That's where I got it from, but I would have done the same thing if I wanted to know. Lol, it's too much trouble to actually type it in on google and look 4 the website. Why not just ask KHI?
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    The Truth About Axel and Namine

    You used my theory! Yay! :36:
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    Kairi's Message

    "Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope for our hearts to blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows: Starting a new journey may not be so hard, Or maybe it has already begun. There are many worlds, but they share the same sky. One...