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  1. Silfarion

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    NOMURA. YOU ARE A BITCH. I HAD ENOUGH CHILL DOWN MY SPINE FOR TODAY. First kh3D, and now THIS!? I might get heart attack the next time SE announce something about KH. This anyone else notice Ven vanish from his chair near the end of the part 2? What could this imply?
  2. Silfarion

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    This is killing me. I will literally kill to get this game. God, I'm glad I lived as a KH fan. I mentioned using reverse elements at a thread about KH3D speculations... If I am actually right, I will scream.
  3. Silfarion

    Kingdom Hearts Saga=100% until now

    Drat, you are good. Only RE:coded to go, eh? Well, I may haven't done it 100%, but I've played every single KH game there is (except remakes and sort).
  4. Silfarion

    Kh 358/2 days lvling help

    How the heck did you play it that you are only lvl 19? I was lvl 30 by then... Anyhow, find a mission (through hologram mission-ing) that has the most enemies recently. Just do that over and over. Can't think of anything else.
  5. Silfarion

    how to beat sphoroth without locking on to him

    Without lockon... There are only 2 choices, keep it close quarter or... As absent axel said, spam reflect. Can't think of anything else. If you are lvl 99, it shouldn't be too hard (I beat him at lvl 80, no sweat at lvl 99).
  6. Silfarion

    I've been thinking...

    About 1 & 2) as I said, EXTREMELY not likely. About 3) yeah, if it is some nobody or some crap like that again, I'm gonna be pissed of at Nomura.
  7. Silfarion

    Original Organization XIII names

    Wait... IF Xehanort didn't take Ansem's name, what the hell would his nobody name would be? A name with 2 Xs will be troublesome
  8. Silfarion

    Any ideas about this?

    Yes, I do see that he meant something about multiple Xehanort. Though I think a lot of people would admit it would be weird looking at about 3 people who look nearly the same walking around.
  9. Silfarion

    I've been thinking...

    Well, who knows who he is? Only Nomura'd know. Well, all secret bosses were important until now... Xemnas, Lingering Sentiment, and now MF.
  10. Silfarion

    Mickey combo

    Wait, I'm missing something here. Are you guys talking about that a lot of people know/don't know about BBS? Or are you talking about RE:COM? In that case, any friend card in COM should be considered as a summon.
  11. Silfarion

    Any ideas about this?

    How do you know about that? Did Nomura actually say like, "Here's bunch of Xehanort"? I know that he said that ansem, xemnas, Terranort and such will affect the future and change how true Xehanort will return, but I don't think he meant literal... Well, at least that's what I think.
  12. Silfarion

    I've been thinking...

    Ah, I see. Guess I missed that part. Anyhow, that means that MF is a real person, am I wrong? And I am quite sure that Nomura didn't make the fight (if it did not happen) to get most people's ass kicked... I think that hints of who that person can be.
  13. Silfarion

    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    When I played it... Only one thing; THIS IS THE S!@# No seriously, I shouted that out loud while playing it in the car. Personally, I think it is the best KH ever made.
  14. Silfarion

    form leveling

    I never thought about where is the best t o train each form... I had a lot of patience, so I just killed/collected the required things everywhere. But I have to say, Master is done well at Land of dragons, and wisdom is very easily done at TWTNW. Final can be done in either twilight town, TWTNW...
  15. Silfarion

    Re: Chain of Memories help with Captian Hook.

    Re: Chain of Memories help with Captian Hook. Hmm, what I did was just dodge roll around the ship and use the most powerful sleight I had... I spammed sonic blade. I was only about lvl 30s, and not much of a problem except being almost dead.
  16. Silfarion

    Any ideas about this?

    Many Xehanorts... Kinda creepy, seeing bunch of same-looking maniacs walking around. I don't think Nomura meant literal multitude of Xehanorts. More like, how about his previous allies, like the original 6 members of the organization? They will return too (possibly) cuz we are sure their nobody...
  17. Silfarion

    I've been thinking...

    Precisely why I said it is EXTREMELY unlikely. Now, I think I read somewhere that this fight is canon, and did happen. Am I missing something?
  18. Silfarion

    Why the Floods are purple in BBSFM

    Yes, that was in KH1 FM. Man, that's not fair. Phantom in KH1 looked like some crappy ghost.
  19. Silfarion

    I've been thinking...

    Recently I finished BBS, and the only goal I've left to do is the MF, or the Mysterious Figure. Now, everyone probably is thinking, who the hell is this asshole who pwns you every time? I've done some thinking, and I came up with my own theory (yes, yet another theory about MF) of who MF is...
  20. Silfarion

    Most Used Sleight

    Well, i only had com, not RE com. Anyhow, my favorite skill was firaga break, but i ended up spamming sonic blade with maluxia card (double sleigh, lol).