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  1. shiny milotic

    Famitsu Website Update: Intro, Flick Rush and More!

    I'm loving it, too! Everyone looks great in CGI.
  2. shiny milotic

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Box Art Revealed!

    This box art is awesome! I'm loving it already!
  3. shiny milotic

    Dream Drop Distance's Dream Eaters - An Editorial

    Yeah, I can't wait to have some fun on the augmented reality playing with these dream eaters! I'd love to see a fox dream eater, too. I also find it interesting that the dream eaters seem to represent their personalities as well. I'm not sure how to explain Bat bat, though.
  4. shiny milotic

    Nomura interview!

    Awesome! I love hearing stuff about the dream eaters. That's great! I'm excited for this game.:biggrin: I am used to it as well. :cool:
  5. shiny milotic

    TGS Trailer officially released! (JP and Eng. Subbed trailers in first post)

    Re: TGS Trailer officially released! This is awesome! I can't wait to see more Dream Eaters! I'm glad I have a 3DS!
  6. shiny milotic

    new light on "let's take the raft and go! just the two of us!"trust me it makes her look 200x better

    Re: new light on "let's take the raft and go! just the two of us!"trust me it makes her look 200x be Hmm...........interesting.s1swimmingface
  7. shiny milotic

    Footage of BbS Demo @ E3!!!!

    True. I hope so, too.... True. True. This guy needs to learn a lesson of patience, and to not judge things at first glance.
  8. shiny milotic

    Guy With Two Blue Blades???

    I paused it a bit and saw the exact same thing. Yeah, the sky looks pretty cloudy and dark.
  9. shiny milotic

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep English Gameplay

    Terra sounded like Cloud. Aqua was just great. Ventus' voice is wonderful!
  10. shiny milotic

    The best VA in the English E3 trailer

    Yeah, I can't wait to hear his laugh! Yeah, pretty much everyone's VA is going to take some getting used to after hearing the japanese one over and over again.....
  11. shiny milotic

    BBS E3 2010 English Trailer VS TGS 2009 Japan Trailer

    LOL, I played it at the exact same time. It was awesome.s1elleface
  12. shiny milotic

    Debug Mode...

    ^This. This. THIS!!!! 25 characters
  13. shiny milotic

    How many of you are actually for Re:Coded?

    This.^ I'm glad it's atleast on the DS.
  14. shiny milotic

    Gameplay with Voices [[ENG]]

    This.^ All of them sound great.
  15. shiny milotic

    playing order

    I like all three characters the most. I think they are all equally important somehow. I am going to choose at random since I can't decide between the three.....
  16. shiny milotic

    What difficulty will you play on in BBS

    ^This. And this. 25 characters
  17. shiny milotic

    Ventus and ???...and other stuff i wanna ask

    Yeah....I wondered about the MX and Ven picture, too. I also wondered why MX is looking at Terra driving his keyblade bike/vehicle(also rat bottom left)....hmmm..:35:
  18. shiny milotic

    Full Famitsu Scans

    Re: Famitsu Scans (Lea + Isa) EDIT: 3 more full pages Yeah, it is, espcially the ice cream..... Lea and Isa look adorable.I love lea's frisbee. It's nice to see Aqua using a new command.(Ghost Drive) Aqua's Bubble Blast looks beautiful and so shiny.:36:
  19. shiny milotic

    Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! [TRAILER RELEASED]

    Re: Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! Yeah, it sounds like it's gonna be fun! I also hope the demo is released to the public.
  20. shiny milotic

    fuck it all hope is lost for a non-spoiled gaming experience!

    Re: Not all hope is lost for a non-spoiled gaming experience! I lol'd at the title of this thread.:lol: Yes, he sure does!