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  1. Blizzara

    Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack Track List leaked?

    Oh, whoops. Guess I read through the thread a bit too fast. Sorry! I agree, though. "Black Powder" seems a little ... not intense enough for the level of epicness of that song.
  2. Blizzara

    Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack Track List leaked?

    Hey all. More news about this soundtrack reveal! Take a look at this page. I'm not sure whether or not someone has posted it around already, but it's received an update recently. You can now see the track listing for the first CD for the BBS part of the soundtrack - and the title names seem to...
  3. Blizzara

    Terra and Eraqus

    I apologize for reviving this thread from the dead or whatever, but this has been nagging at me. What exactly are the consequences of Eraqus' heart being present in Terra/Terranort, that we know of? Does that mean there may be a piece of Eraqus inside Ansem SoD, Xemnas, or even Riku?
  4. Blizzara

    Command/D-Link Toruble

    I think so. Again, this is just my theory. I never bothered to try and I lent the game to a friend, so I can't check.
  5. Blizzara

    Help with geting the red finish command

    The healing strike one is particularly easy to get if you try an arena mission that you know is way too difficult for you. Not only will you be in danger quite often, but even if you die, you still get to hold onto the progress you made. : D But yes, as the above peeps said, you NEED Once More...
  6. Blizzara

    Command/D-Link Toruble

    That happened to me too. I think if the commands in the D-Link are too powerful, you need at least an upgrade or two for the D-Link before the commands can work. Not sure though. =/
  7. Blizzara

    Aqua's Dream

    Aah... I see. Okay, well, thanks. :]
  8. Blizzara

    Aqua's Dream

    In Castle of Dreams, Terra and Aqua run into each other and after discussing a few things, Terra asks Aqua if she "still has the same dream", or something like that. And she says "well, yeah". What are they referring to? I thought it might just be the flashback to the last night they spent all...
  9. Blizzara

    Door to Darkness

    Right - well, that's what I meant when I said the door appeared. We're on the same page. :]
  10. Blizzara

    Door to Darkness

    Well... It isn't. The fake KH was just that heart-shaped moon floating there. When the whole thing blew up in Xemnas's face (literally), he went off into the realm of darkness, I'm guessing to hide. So that's when the DTD appeared for Sora and co, so that they could enter the realm of darkness...
  11. Blizzara

    Door to Darkness

    ... That all seems to make a lot of sense, thanks much :] I finally get it now. It's funny how Kairi's grandmother's story is this weird tale that you'd think has nothing to do with anything, but it turns out to have huge significance. XD
  12. Blizzara

    Door to Darkness

    KH1 spoilers... Like anyone cares about those. XP There's something I never really understood about KH1. When Xehanort's heartless has been defeated he reaches out for the Door to Darkness, asking for the true darkness of Kingdom Hearts, and it kinda starts seeping out. Then Sora says Kingdom...
  13. Blizzara

    New Message from the Kingdom?

    Take a look at this. I'm pretty sure this hasn't been brought up before. It mostly looks like a bunch of KH Mobile stuff and some ... mobile phone skins or something? I don't know.
  14. Blizzara

    Special Edition Confirmed for France

    This. Is. So. Awesome. I'm really glad they're stepping it up so much on being fair to countries other than Japan. I am soooo getting this :D
  15. Blizzara


    Door to Darkness x) Anyway, I doubt something this big would just pop up as a rumor on a website. It's like people randomly calling Saix's somebody Sia. If a new KH game were to be announced, everyone (Nomura included) would make a huge deal about it.
  16. Blizzara

    whats the melody at the beginning of the jump festa trailer

    It's a new song, so no one really knows... But I think it's Ven's theme. It has pieces of Roxas's theme in it, so that could explain it.
  17. Blizzara

    Vanitas' face

    That would explain the high-pitched laugh XD To those who use Vanitas's body structure as an excuse for him not being a girl... Xion looking like Sora? ... Yeah. Anything is possible.
  18. Blizzara

    Vanitas' face

    I'm with thylings on this. Something tells me this is a Xion look-alike for no reason whatsoever. Too bad it's confirmed that Vanitas looks like an existing character. I would've been tempted to bet it was a totally original one that we'd see again in a new game.
  19. Blizzara

    Jump Festa 2010 Official Discussion Thread! [TRAILER RELEASED]

    Is it me or was Vanitas's hysterical laughter kinda feminine? And when Ven was looking through the opening in his mask, his face looked a little like Terra's. XION MIRROR POWERS?!
  20. Blizzara

    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    Whoaaaaaa. Oh the awesomeness. I am speechless.