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  1. Ventuskeyblade

    KHIII A Realm of Darkness world?

    Ok so how would you like for KHIII to have the Realm of Darkness as a world? You'd think that there would have to be a world like this because Aqua has to be saved, and I don't think they would just use a cutscene to show this. I was wondering how would you like this world to be done. I would...
  2. Ventuskeyblade

    What if Disney villans were the 13 darknesses?

    Well of course the Disney villans wouldn't be invovled with the 13 Darknesses now. What i was trying to ask is that what if INSTEAD of having 13 Xehanorts, we had 13 Disney villans. What if the story of the KH series had begun to focus more on Disney villans as the antagonists instead of...
  3. Ventuskeyblade

    What if Disney villans were the 13 darknesses?

    I was watching a playthrough of KH1 and the guy commentating said that he thought KH1 had a better story than KH2 because 1 focused more on the Disney aspect of the series (the main villans were Disney villans). This got me thinking, what if instead of the 13 Xehanorts as the darknesses, it was...
  4. Ventuskeyblade

    Question about the new power gained

    So Master Yen Sid said that by unlocking the seven keyholes of sleep, Sora and Riku would gain a new power. The power is the ability to awaken a sleeping heart. I have two questions. First off, did Sora gain this new power or not? We know Riku did but I wasn't sure about Sora because of the...
  5. Ventuskeyblade

    Toys R Us Preorder Question

    I preordered the MoM from TRU but this morning I got an email saying my order was backordered. Someone said that they never had MoM to begin with and I was just wondering if they would ever get any in. At this point I would be alright with getting the regular edition of the game, I just wanted...
  6. Ventuskeyblade

    Gamestop Upcoming Trade-In Deal!

    so any game gets you 30% off? And is it 30% off the MoM edition of DDD or is it just the regular version? EDIT: I just realized it IS for MoM edition. I didn't look close enough at the picture -__- my bad
  7. Ventuskeyblade

    Altered Traverse Town Scene

    not sure if this is worth making a thread but i just wanted to point this out to see if anyone else noticed this. Ok so in KH1 when Sora meets Donald and Goofy, when they all put their hands together in the center of them, Sora calmly lowers his hand on top of theirs. But then I noticed in the...
  8. Ventuskeyblade

    KH3D Ultimania Nomura Interview! - Future KH Announcement soon!

    the new KH game is Kingdom Hearts: V CAST 2 calling it now :D
  9. Ventuskeyblade

    What is the point of becoming a Keyblade Master??

    so i really dont get what's so great about becoming a keyblade master. Sora is a pretty good wielder of the keyblade. He took down Ansem, Xemnas, AND the rest of Organization 13. And i guess Riku's pretty decent with his keyblade. We havent really seen him use it THAT much, but that doesn't mean...
  10. Ventuskeyblade

    How Do You Want the Final Boss Fight of KHIII To Go Down?

    so i was listening to a fan-made soundtrack for KHIII. The song was made for the final boss fight and as i was listening to it, i began to imagine this very epic fight for the last boss. So basically as you lower MX health bar, he trasports Sora to the various worlds where the tormented ones, or...
  11. Ventuskeyblade

    DDD Release Date?

    i would think it would be soon since the English voice overs are wrapping up. i hope we dont have to wait like, 9 months like we did for BBS...that was tourture -_- i wouldnt mind a summer release date at the latest.
  12. Ventuskeyblade

    What if the Kh series had been released Chronologically?

    so some people complain that the Kingdom Hearts story line is confusing at times, so i was wondering, what if the series had been released in the order they took place on the Kh timeline. As in, BBS released first, then KH, CoM, Days, KHII, RE:Coded, and DDD. The systems they come out on would...
  13. Ventuskeyblade

    Why did KH2 suck to everyone??

    im a little confused. most people on this forum all say KH2 was a bad game, and a bad sequel. I mean, sure it did make the story more complex with Roxas and the Nobodies, but I just don't get why most people didn't like it. I enjoyed it and thought it was a decent sequel. So if those of you who...
  14. Ventuskeyblade

    I believe this image from KH1 Final Mix speaks for itself...

    im pretty sure it's Heartless, then Unversed, and then Nobdies, since the heartless always existed, and the unversed were created later on.
  15. Ventuskeyblade

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    hmmmm....on one hand im mad at Square for releasing a main game that ties directly to KHIII onto a handheld, but on the other this game basically shows how great KHIII can be...i mean im definatly gonna wanna play this, but only if they release it in a bundle for 3ds. otherwise im getting a vita.
  16. Ventuskeyblade

    Should KHIII and BBS Final Mix Bonuses Released as DLC instead?

    ok so i was thinking, when KHIII is released, im pretty sure Square will make a Final Mix for it. But what if instead of making a Final Mix, they just released the bonuses as DLC. Im not sure how well that would work for KHIII, as in how might they release a DLC for a secret boss? Would it be a...
  17. Ventuskeyblade

    Sora and Riku's new duds.

    looks cool...th combo of black and red looks pretty epic on sora...and i think he may have one of those arm things from BBS..you know...what TVA used to change into their armor. that thing. i may be wrong but anyways, cool costume. but i wont buy a 3DS for it. only when one is really cheap(yea i...
  18. Ventuskeyblade

    So...why does Roxas/Ven look like Sora. I might be missing something.

    TIME LINE: MX creates Vanitas (who supposedly has no face at the moment) Ventus then touches soras heart Vanitas looks like 15 year old sora. The end. Of course it doesnt make any sense as to why vanitas looks like sora when he was not connected to ventus at the time...so...?
  19. Ventuskeyblade

    Which worlds do you NOT want in KH3D?

    no agrabah-gets old after seeing it in KH, CoM, Days, KHII, AND Re:Coded. And theres never a good plot to the world. no wonderland- It gets old after a while. And Alice always is a pain. SO no to that. no coliseum- pointless 4 me and a waste of my time. no atlantica- we want to stay away from...
  20. Ventuskeyblade

    Is this real?

    all i can say is that there better not be a Princess and the Frog BS....