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    When are we expecting news?

    I can't help but feel a little concerned myself, though I'd like to think that KH4 is proceeding at least pretty well in development. That first trailer was very polished, and if I remember correctly, Nomura said in the first interview for the game that development was being prioritized, so I...
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    When are we expecting news?

    Huh. This is interesting. Granted, the context in the descriptions does seem different. Nomura in his interview seems to saying that the different positions are between the characters in two different realms. Sora being in "unreality", and the others back in "reality", while Reynatis's...
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    When are we expecting news?

    It's funny, I just saw this, and immediately thought of this myself. The main character is literally almost a dead ringer for Yozora. It does look cool, so I'll probably pick it up, but it does seem odd that Nojima would come out with this when he probably knows Nomura is working on VR for KH...
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    When are we expecting news?

    Yeah, at this point, I'd like to think that it shouldn't be too much longer before we hear anything on KH4. I'd say the earliest we could hear anything would be in the February-March range, if Square wants to market KH4 just before Rebirth comes out. And it seems that Summer Game Fest has taken...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Missing Link Coming 2024!

    Wow, the graphics really have improved so much from that first trailer. Really looking forward to this. Hope we do get an English dub.
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    Square Enix teases Kingdom Hearts Missing Link

    Oh wow, finally! Good to see KH news is coming. Really like the art of Scala at night.
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    Dearly Beloved, Dearly Departed - the KH voice actors who are no longer with us

    Oh damn, I too had no clue Charles Kimbrough passed away, and it was awhile ago too. Glad we got to have him in DDD.
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    An Alternate Idea-A Final Fantasy character as a regular party member?

    So in light of all the Rebirth hype, and replaying the first part of the Remake, there has been an idea in my head for a while. We know that KH is generally considered to be a Disney/FF crossover to a degree, which has become a popular topic seeing as there were no FF characters in KH3 until...
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    When are we expecting news?

    Yeah, pretty much as I was expecting. It was pretty obvious that we weren't going to get anything out of TGS this year, seeing as there was nothing in the State of Play. What I'm expecting now is that maybe they will do the same with KH as they did with Rebirth, and give us an update on both ML...
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    Kingdom Hearts IV Release

    Yeah, starting to wonder about ML myself. With KH4, at this point I'm not expecting news until maybe sometime next year, seeing as VII Rebirth will probably be the main marketing focus for now. I am a bit surprised that ML is not on the TGS list. Though, Nomura did say back in January that the...
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    When are we expecting news?

    Yeah, pretty much as Launchpad said. News in this day and age can come at any random point, seeing as Square has been using State of Plays and other online broadcasts for news in recent years. Tokyo Game Show would be the earliest event we could hear anything. D23 Expo is also in that same...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    Oh wow. This looks better than it has any right to. Getting more mysterious with the story beats as well, especially in the beginning. Have to say, Ever Crisis is looking pretty cool as well. The Sephiroth story has caught my attention. Really hyped now!
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    Marvel characters that would fit in KH4

    I agree that Spider Man would be a good fit. Considering that Nomura did a design for Spider Man a few years back, I could see him maybe implementing it in. Also, for a world idea, I always thought that Into The Spider Verse would be a great choice. The animation style would fit KH’s aesthetic...
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    Place your bets (Part 2)

    Yeah, have to agree. After Nomura's statement, I'm getting a bit antsy myself. I don't think we'll hear any news there, considering we didn't hear anything for the actual anniversary. I'd say the best spot for any news would maybe be in June. Obviously E3 is cancelled, so I don't know what...
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    SE reveals new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link information

    Oh wow, that does look really good. I have to agree with Chaser, I almost wish they did make this a proper console game, as it looks like it honestly could be one. Still, very impressive for a mobile game. Really hope this one is more easily playable than UX was.
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    SE reveals new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link information

    I think that was a mistranslation. The percentages you mentioned were meant to be referring to what they put in the actual prototype test, not the actual state of development. I don't think the game is that far out.
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    About the afterlife for Kingdom Hearts... (theory)

    Considering that the Strelitzia that we see is hinted at in Union X as being a data copy, I think it can be inferred that Strelitzia as we see her in the trailer is not the real one, but rather a copy that Luxu sent to Quadratum himself. Toward the end of Union Cross, we do see the white-hooded...
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    About the afterlife for Kingdom Hearts... (theory)

    I was just about to say this, but you took the words right out of my mouth. A lot of people seem to be a bit hung up on the afterlife line by Strelitzia in the trailer. I think it's pretty much as you said. Quadratum isn't an afterlife in the true sense of the word. The fact that Nameless Star...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link Prototype Test begins January 2023 in Japan

    Was just about to say something as well. I love this artwork though. Definitely has a more gothic aesthetic going on than I'd expect from KH. It almost has a Tim Burton like quality to it.
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    Nomura shares message regarding Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link closed beta test

    I don't think it means much for Missing Link. The message left by Nomura seems to imply that they are gearing up for something soon, so I don't think he would have said that otherwise. Not to mention ML is likely being developed by a different team than EC, so I can't imagine there would be any...