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  1. Xelnyn

    I'm glad they edit the malifcent scene/other scenes

    Thank you. I was beginning to think that no one would remember that Axel said "hell" in the original NA CoM. Also, I agree with that. They'd have no reason to go further than that (since, hello, it's still Disney), but I'm glad they kept it in. When someone says 'heck' and they're trying to be...
  2. Xelnyn

    Another X

    Thank you. I was just about to point this out.
  3. Xelnyn

    Redemption for the Apprentices?

    Aeleus. I really liked him in 358/2 Days, however short-lived his appearance was. The other apprentices are just too manipulative/crazy/evil, particularly Braig/Xigbar and Even/Vexen.
  4. Xelnyn

    anyone worried that the NA voice acting might suck?

    Yeah, this. I really, really dislike Kairi's Japanese voice. She sounds her age in English. I was initially really worried that they were going to royally screw up everything in Re:CoM, especially Vexen and Marluxia but I don't think they could have possibly picked better actors, they were...
  5. Xelnyn

    Vanitas and Xion connection * spoilers*

    To me, I get the impression that because Vanitas was, in a way, living on in Sora's heart through Ven, that a part of Vanitas came out through Xion. Just the black hair. I think it would explain why Xion's hair is black instead of red, but that's just me.
  6. Xelnyn

    Whose ending has shocked you most?

    Definitely Aqua. From the moment I saw the first BBS trailer, I knew Terra was going to end up being Xehanort somehow or another, so that wasn't very surprising to me. Ven too - I kind of figured he was going to live on in Sora, some way. But Aqua...I'll be honest. I was totally convinced that...
  7. Xelnyn

    Favorite World so Far (Spoilers)

    Radiant Garden. It's just so beautiful, I love it way more than KHII RG. I can't wait to explore it! <3
  8. Xelnyn

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep = Star Wars

    Yeah, I see Eraqus more as Qui-Gon than Mace Windu.
  9. Xelnyn

    ienzo and atw

    ...They look nothing alike. :/ Edit: Besides which, family ties have never been important in the KH universe, so it's highly unlikely that they're related in any way. Plus, even if they were related, then Ienzo might have been a lot more reluctant to turn on AtW later on as he and the other...
  10. Xelnyn

    The mastermind behind Organization 13

    Re: Braig is the Mastermind behind Organization XIII!!! Nope. I'll actually be pretty upset if things turn out that way.
  11. Xelnyn

    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    -squints at Katakana- Kairi's Keyblade is called Destiny...Blaze? DESUTINI BURESU.
  12. Xelnyn

    Ventus unmasked and Ven vs Ventus Unmasked pic

    That's what I want to know. :|
  13. Xelnyn

    [Spoilers] Braig scenes from Terra scenario [added Aqua scenes too]

    Re: [Spoilers] Braig scenes from Terra senario Yeah. I was mostly talking about all the guns and stuff though. I mean, Braig holding a gun to MX's head? Psh, after what they did to KHII there is NO WAY they are going to keep the scene unless the game is rated T.
  14. Xelnyn

    [Spoilers] Braig scenes from Terra scenario [added Aqua scenes too]

    Re: [Spoilers] Braig scenes from Terra senario Is it bad that the only thing I could think about is how badly NA Squeenix is going to censor these? D''': These were so amazing, thanks for putting them up!
  15. Xelnyn

    [BBS]Dearly Beloved here

    Heck no. I have the entire Soundtrack Complete on my iPod. Now that is pretty sad. xD On topic: Thank you so much for making it downloadable! <3 Me and my brother were nearly brought to tears by it first time we heard it. <:3
  16. Xelnyn

    For the people who spoiled bbs

    Same here. Watching all the cutscenes in advance personally makes me even MORE excited to play it for myself.
  17. Xelnyn

    [Spoiler Warning][Links Fixed][Connections] The Mystery Character is(

    Re: [Spoiler Warning] The Mystery Character is You got some broken Jpegs, there, man. :C
  18. Xelnyn

    New Stream [Terra's Story]

    That was really cute. I loved SO much when Terra bowed to Cinderella. <:'3
  19. Xelnyn

    Lea and Isa scene (WITH TRANSLATIONS)

    Re: Lea and Isa scene Oh hey that makes sense. xD I guess he just never said anything? Maybe he didn't think it was important or something. Isa/Saix didn't seem to really think so, at least to me.
  20. Xelnyn

    Lea and Isa scene (WITH TRANSLATIONS)

    Re: Lea and Isa scene Nice. Very awesome, I love how similar Lea's facial expressions and movements are to Axel's. He really is 'more or less the same guy'. But this raises a question...how come Axel didn't recognize Roxas's (Ven's) face when they met? :/