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  1. eric1018

    Critical mode gameplay...

    If critical mode is beaten, will that mean there will be another secret movie? I'm confused if there will be one of those cgi ones.
  2. eric1018

    70-Minutes of Gameplay Footage from Kingdom Hearts 3D!

    I love this, but I have no clue what is being said unfortunately. :/ Great quality though!
  3. eric1018

    New KH 3D Screens and Famitsu Article

    Well no. In KH 3D, the game will probably start with current day in KH2 clothing, and then for some reason change to KH1 clothing (significant reason), and then if the game stays in the younger world/dream thingy, then at the start of KH3 they will also be wearing the KH1 clothing and then...
  4. eric1018

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Sora and Riku to See Clothing Changes

    I agree, I think if anything, we will see both KH1 and KH2 clothing and that's it. Maybe some upgraded KH2 clothing or armor if we're lucky. But KH3 is pretty much a continuation of KH2 (obviously), but I mean that they are the same age... not a year older this time. So they will wear the...
  5. eric1018

    KH3D HD trailer is up.

    Oh I get it thank you. I never played BBS cause I don't have a psp so that it why I'm not sure of that. But thanks for explaining it to me! And your little tidbits made a lot of sense tho! haha
  6. eric1018

    KH3D HD trailer is up.

    Well thats the thing, how can one just determine if one is a master? It seems like there should be some set test, no different ones...
  7. eric1018

    KH3D HD trailer is up.

    Hey, you know what, you're right. Mickey always jumps around and stuff and maybe the dream part of this game is so Sora and Riku feel as if gravity is non existent and so they aren't scared to jump around in their real lives. But the thing is, I don't remember Aqua doing these moves (well the...
  8. eric1018

    Theory of the Sentiments

    LMAO! Well I was justing guessing. Since nobodies can be good (Roxas, Axel...kinda, Namine) and so can Heartless (Sora's version...bad example?). But yeah highly doubtful... :P
  9. eric1018

    Theory of the Sentiments

    LMAO fail, okay thanks! :P
  10. eric1018

    KH3D: 2 New Symbols in stead of 1?

    This is so awesome. But I am sick of all these new symbols...
  11. eric1018

    Theory of the Sentiments

    So let me get this straight, is a Sentiment (the soul) a projection of how the heart is feeling, and thus projects itself as somewhat of a shell similar to what a Nobody is, yet is intangible? And this is just some assumption I have here, could the Sentiment be an Unversed? Since a strong...
  12. eric1018

    New KH 3D Scan

    Does anyone know why Riku and Sora are dressed in their KH1 clothing and look younger? Why aren't they old like how they should be? Oh Mr. Nomura, why must you be so confusing?!
  13. eric1018

    Should Maleficient have been in KHII?

    I agree, but I wish that she could of at least hurt one of the organization members just to prove a point. I mean Saix turned the heartless and nobodies against her. I think Square-enix could have been much more creative with her. Like maybe turn into a dragon when she was being pummeled by...
  14. eric1018

    Reconnect being the final one?

    Well not necessarily, it may not be the true KH3. :P
  15. eric1018

    Secret Boss revealed? (Spoilers)

    Nvm I found a bunch of vids in a thread anyways. :P
  16. eric1018

    Secret Boss revealed? (Spoilers)

    Do you have a vid of this??? :)
  17. eric1018

    The Fate of Ven

    Does anyone have the video near where Ven and Sora join? I need to show someone. ty!
  18. eric1018

    (Spoilers) Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions

    Re: Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions How did Aqua destroy the X-Blade, I thought it disappeared when Ven and Vanitas fought? How come neoshadows fight Ven, aren't they heartless? I thought they didn't exist yet. And if purebloods did exist, then why weren't there many of them around then?
  19. eric1018

    Whose ending has shocked you most?

    Its weird cause all along I thought Aqua would be the one dead. I thought she would somehow die before everyone causing Ven and Terra to change out of anger. Terra turn evil and Ven ending up being vulnerable and die. But I guess the mother figure, Aqua, did live. I guess those who...
  20. eric1018

    BBS Secret Ending. *In Japanese!!!*

    lol you're very welcome. :P