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  1. Pokie

    Tetsuta Nomura officially crowned Donald Duck as THE Black Mage in all of Final Fantasy Lore

    I love Donald, but Vivi is the King of FF Black Mages. Sorry.
  2. Pokie

    A Mystery Within The 100 Acre Woods...

    I know right? Yet they put in that annoying Gopher or Groundhog thing instead. Justice for Eeyore!
  3. Pokie

    Ardenelle Vent

    Wonder if it was Disney's rule to make Olaf have a big moment somewhere because he's their big $ maker. REMEMBER THIS ANNOYING SNOW THING ? REMEMBER HIM ? DO YOU LOVE HIM ? DO YOU WANT TO BUY A OLAF PLUSHIE ?
  4. Pokie

    The treatment of women in this series

    Sorry, just wanted to be open-minded to everybody, even if I highly disagreed with 'em. Though, as I said before, it did seem like he's stuck with a 1950's mindset.
  5. Pokie

    Will Disney/Disney Worlds be involved less going forward?

    Oh frick, please no, keep the Disney within Kingdom Hearts, it's what makes the game/s shine.
  6. Pokie

    The treatment of women in this series

    I swear that's not what we are not debating about? We just want Kairi to be more of her own character, her own person so to speak, rather than just being plot development for Sora. Bit of a difference?
  7. Pokie

    Why are people saying he was redeemed? (Spoilers)

    Re: Why are people saying Xehanort was redeemed? I felt like Sora and group was ready to give him the " reason why you suck speech " and get ready to smack him down once and for good, It reminds me of how Nomura said last year, that he said that he related more towards the villains and not...
  8. Pokie

    Cartoon/TV ► History of Donald Duck !

    History of our beloved Donald Duck ! v=1ZOD5ILDwO8
  9. Pokie

    The treatment of women in this series

    Agree so much, at least Princess Peach has her own game where she saves Mario and Luigi for once and I swear she's also playable in Mario 2 and in one of the newer Mario games. You know you have fucked up when your female main lead is more of a damsel than a character that was created in the mid...
  10. Pokie

    Black Box Theory

  11. Pokie

    The treatment of women in this series

    Oh thanks for clearing that up ^^ Though if it's a flawed test, then why use it? Can't we create a better one? Sorry, but you sound like you time warped from the '50s and found yourself here. You lost here in the future Marty Mc Fly ?
  12. Pokie

    The treatment of women in this series

    I could be wrong, but isn't there some really sexist movies out there that pass the Bechtel Test ? What the Donald Duck are you going on about ? What ?
  13. Pokie

    Ardenelle Vent

  14. Pokie

    *SPOILERS* KH4 predictions? *SPOILERS*

    You sound salty about something son, but I can't just seem to put my finger on it. /S
  15. Pokie

    The treatment of women in this series

    This series has always been a bit sexist though, from the very beginning. The main female character played the role of damsel in distress, and the roles the Disney women mostly have is being damsels because Ansem is after them. Yeah, some of those girls play the damsel role in their own movie...