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  1. flyingfishstick

    News ► Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover is 80 minutes long!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts ? Back Cover is 80 minutes long! If only it were a proper Disney musical. I want to see this edgy animu cult break into song.
  2. flyingfishstick

    News ► Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover is 80 minutes long!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts ? Back Cover is 80 minutes long! If that's true, I'm genuinely excited for this.
  3. flyingfishstick

    News ► Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover is 80 minutes long!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts ? Back Cover is 80 minutes long! But is it cut like a film? This is going to be a horrible slog to sit through if it's handled like Days and Coded.
  4. flyingfishstick

    Someone please clarify this for me

    - Sora and Riku physically travel back in time using a completely different method of time travel that is apparently inaccessible to Xehanort. For whatever unexplained reason, Sora and Riku are able to travel back in time with their bodies intact. Their bodes are no longer in Mysterious Tower...
  5. flyingfishstick

    Questions about KH that I would like cleared up.

    Namine is an ongoing mystery that flies in the face of most of the established series lore. We don't really know what she is or the rules in play that allow her to exist. We really only refer to her as a Nobody for lack of a better word. As far as I know, you've stated everything we know about...
  6. flyingfishstick

    Shirtless Ventus

    Are you complaining about the privilege we were given to admire Ven's sexy little boy body and his comically disproportionate head?
  7. flyingfishstick

    Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix

    The only problem I've had so far is that it takes a few more seconds for drive forms to activte. The freezing isn't normal as far as I know.
  8. flyingfishstick

    100% Re:coded Completion

    I set out to 100% standard mode and gave up almost immediately. It blows my mind that you actually completed critical.
  9. flyingfishstick

    Zexion's and Vexen's return

    It is assumed that all of the hearts Sora, Roxas, and Xion set free from KH1-KHII were absorbed into Xemnas' artificial Kingdom Hearts. Once Sora and co. destroyed it, all of the hearts were set free at the same time, resulting in all of the nobodies regaining their existences simultaneously.
  10. flyingfishstick

    Enjoying Chain of Memories

    The battle system is great if you're willing to limit yourself a bit. I generally focus on sleights and card capacity while leveling up. Due to this, by the the end of the game, I'll have this rediculously broken deck entirely composed of the best sleights. This deck is powerful enough to wipe...
  11. flyingfishstick

    WAIT wait... wait...

    I think the reason Riku still has his dream eater powers/actual dream eaters is due to TWTNW being in a state between sleep and consciousness. The end of this game is silly.
  12. flyingfishstick

    WAIT wait... wait...

    Sora and Riku were made younger by Yen Sid's magic. It has absolutely nothing to do with time travel. As for why he decided to revert them back to a younger state, I'm unsure.
  13. flyingfishstick

    Xemnas and the keyblade

    You definitely have a point. I'm not sure if Xemnas would have been Xemnas by the time he was ready to split his heart. Assuming none of the heros got involved over the course of KHI-KHII, I would think that Xehanort would have had some way of reuniting his two halves before forging the...
  14. flyingfishstick

    Xemnas and the keyblade

    Right. I'm just saying it was a risky move on Xehanort's part to posses Terra. After he took over his body he was in a very disoriented state and after his confrontation with Aqua, very nearly trapped himself within the Realm of Darkness. I'm going to assume that not even Xehanort could escape...
  15. flyingfishstick

    Xemnas and the keyblade

    I interpreted the "hooking up people to kingdom hearts" line as another of Xehanort's shortcuts. It was a lot of trouble to gain control of Terra's body with his and Eraqus consciousness lingering about inside his head. Rather than go through that with twelve more people, he'll just use Kingdom...
  16. flyingfishstick

    Kingdom Hearts Chronicles

    Back in the days of Knox and the Superflashbros. It was a simpler time.
  17. flyingfishstick

    HD 2.5 End Credits

    I imagine we'll see cutscenes from 3D in order to remind people that it still exists.
  18. flyingfishstick

    Anyone else mad about Re: Coded?

    I think that it's strange that it's so much trouble to completely remake. Almost all of the worlds are recycled from previous games and I wouldn't think it would take too much effort to repurpose them for the sake of 358/2 and Coded. That being said, I'm ignorant of the actual process of what...
  19. flyingfishstick

    Dalmations 58, 59, 60

    I believe I received a synthesis material of some kind from the chest. Ahhhh. Too bad for me.
  20. flyingfishstick

    Dalmations 58, 59, 60

    Huh. I guess it's a bug. The area where you get Lady Luck is the one I'm talking about.