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  1. tehmuffinmon

    A random thought

    I can see Nomura getting inspiration from some of the things you brought up; I mean, the man's in love with Latin and symbolic names, but yeah, it's simply too intellectual for KH. People like to look too deeply into all sorts of things, though - I do it all the time, or at least, I used to. Now...
  2. tehmuffinmon

    Is anyone getting bored of BBS?

    Final Episode was awesome, now I just need to unlock blank points. :D
  3. tehmuffinmon

    need help finding something

    Yeah, I figured as much after a while and wanted to check out if there was a way to boost your HP after the final boss for each character. Then I was just randomly fighting in the mirage arena and when I cleared the event, Terra's HP went up, so I was like, "cool". So HP is strictly event-based...
  4. tehmuffinmon

    need help finding something

    Ah, I was wondering that, too. Thanks for the link!
  5. tehmuffinmon

    My rendition of "Dearly Beloved".

    My dream job is to be a game composer; I know that's a pretty tough job to fall into, especially outside of Japan, haha, but still. I spend a huge amount of time recording music, and work with some people online in making fangames and stuff. Here's my version of "Dearly Beloved" from KH. I also...
  6. tehmuffinmon

    Kingdom Hearts 3D being shown to the public in January!

    Sweet! And I had never seen that beta trailer for KH1 before, that's some interesting stuff. Anyway, we'll just have to wait and hear back on how the event was when the time comes around. If it was indeed a Beta trailer, don't get your hopes up, but at the same time, don't worry too much if you...
  7. tehmuffinmon

    Kingdom Hearts Saga=100% until now

    Haha, nice. I've never done 100% on any KH game, either, but I'm trying to do so in BbS because I'm determined to unlock the secret ending. With the other games I always caved and looked up the secret endings right after beating the game. :P
  8. tehmuffinmon

    Is anyone getting bored of BBS?

    Nope! But I didn't get it when it came out; I got it in the middle of November. Just beat the final episode yesterday, and I'm now trying to unlock everything else to get the secret ending. I never played the command board much at all during the actual story mode, but now I've been doing that -...
  9. tehmuffinmon

    What do you Think about Xion?

    One of the reasons I enjoy the KH series is because it has essentially become like fanfiction over the years. :P The plot has become so convoluted that little surprises or dissapoints me anymore, haha. And I mean that in a good way! It keeps me engaged and appeals to the imagination, even when...
  10. tehmuffinmon

    Hey. :D

    Hiya! The name's Jeremy, I'm 19, and right now I'm pretty much obsessed with KH. BbS got me back into the craze; I'm currently trying to unlock the secret ending, heh heh. So, yeah! Sup.