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  1. khluva010

    Spring/Summer 2016 Writing Contest Submissions!

    What's up lovely people of the world! Here is where I'll be posting all my writing submissions as I've put in the title. Every bolded topic below indicates the ones I have completed thus far. Can I do them all? Only time can tell! Feel free to leave your comments, critiques, questions anything...
  2. khluva010

    Watch: Footage of Kingdom Hearts HD DDD and 0.2 Birth by Sleep

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that plastic doll look Terra has is intentional because I do not think that's actually Terra. I'm thinking that Aqua is possibly hallucinating him and I will bet that we will see a hallucination of Ven in 0.2 as well. But all in all, these games are...
  3. khluva010

    Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover: Mysterious Cloaked Figure

    Now that we know his identity, so many questions still remain about him. Does he know who the traitor is? Is HE the traitor? (I'm also on the bandwagon that there isn't a true traitor, just straight paranoia caused by MoM and the damn book, but it's still all up in the air at this point) Does he...
  4. khluva010

    What if Ventus & Kairi met inside Sora's heart?

    I see, fair points indeed.
  5. khluva010

    What if Ventus & Kairi met inside Sora's heart?

    This is a fair question I believe. If we are to assume that Ven's heart has been resting within Sora extremely fractured, then we can say the answer is that Ven's heart didn't go anywhere and is still resting within Sora. But once again, this is what we are assuming, far as I know, we have not...
  6. khluva010

    Researcher/Fan Birth by Sleep Discussion

    Well first off I'll say congratulations on being a PhD student! More power to ya! It didn't feel different but if anything it felt refreshing. All my angst for wanting Kairi as a playable character was nearly answered with Aqua. She's a great character at that, strong wield, loyal, determined...
  7. khluva010

    Is Terra a Guardian of Light or Seeker of Darkness?

    I think Terra is going to be that unpredicted, miscalculation in Xehanort's plans. He'll start off as a Seeker of Darkness, but then become a Guardian of Light. I can see one of two scenarios: 1) If we are to assume that Terra/Xehanort has reemerge, he'll be with the Darkness's at first. But...
  8. khluva010

    Goofy Secretly A Villian?

    Goofy does have a way of sabotaging things, a real Jar Jar Binks complex indeed. Goofy is the final Xehanort offspring, the last seed planted, THE 13TH SEEKER OF DARKNESS! ... & Pluto is figment of their imagination & Jiminy is an unreliable narrator who has been lying about this entire...
  9. khluva010

    Help/Support ► I'm sick of EVERYTHING.

    I'm sorry you're going through so much pain Muke. If you ever get in that dark place and need someone to talk to at whatever time, you can give this number a call if you like: 1 (800) 273-8255. I know we don't know each other but if you ever feel like talking to someone I'm here! And other...
  10. khluva010

    Is Aqua the "primary" protagonist in Birth by Sleep?

    For me, I feel like BBS did a great job in giving each character relatively the same amount of gameplay and story. I feel Aqua's story is the most unique compared to the other two. While Terra & Ventus' stories and character parallels are close in relation with Riku and Sora's respectively...
  11. khluva010

    What Do You Want The KH3D Preorder Bonus To Be?

    If there is bonus pre-order thing, I would like a behind the scenes like dvd & maybe like a keyblade necklace or something, I really don't know though.
  12. khluva010

    [SPOILERS] Theory on the gray haired boy

    If he is a YX, then I guess it would be like a nobody kind of like Naimine & Roxas. Except this YX vs. the other are both young boys.
  13. khluva010

    [SPOILERS] Just a little thought I had

    I do not recall this part. :o
  14. khluva010

    I'm starting to think that...

    Haha I was definitely thinking of the good old pokemon games when I saw the Dream Eater aspect. I wouldn't be surprised.
  15. khluva010

    KH3D, Tetsuya Nomura, full interview.

    Hmm. . . not from what I've read. This one interview (a few actually) he said that he'll work on KH3 after these two side games, yet you did post this like months ago so nevermind. haha
  16. khluva010

    "Kingdom Hearts 3D is next." - Nomura

    Well I'm not excited at all. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait ! :)
  17. khluva010

    TGS2010 Trailer, new tweets and pictures

    Well this is just bombtastic ! Nice find! :)
  18. khluva010

    Help/Support ► Issue with a friend...

    Well if you know you're innocent, go to office and tell the truth. Because if your ex-firend is lying, they'll be obvious holes in her story that'll be figured out easily & she'll have to deal with the consequences herself btw, I love how they call KH the devils game yet it's whole theme is how...
  19. khluva010

    Help/Support ► Anyone care to comfort a broken heart?

    hahaha this is probably the best advice. It's a great movie! :) But you'll be fine, was she your first love?
  20. khluva010

    Question/disccusion about the likes of Namine

    The princess are strong wield & have no darkness in there hearts. I don't think they'll become witches like Namine unless they're nobodies are created how Namine's was