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    BbS Release Date Announced

    yay!!!! nomura said he changed the american version a bit, i hope he also meant the european one as well this calls for a flapjack celebrations1eyeballs
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    No Joke: New Trailer Unveiled. (With mystery VA)

    As always, the english version sucks
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    for those who have played bbs

    i've also been venting my bbs wait on dissidia. im a hardcore dissidia gamer now
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    for those who have played bbs

    cool, thnx guys, its just that its been quite a while since i played kh even though im a huge fan and i was just wondering what you guys thought. thanks :)
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    for those who have played bbs

    is it worth it? i just want to know if its been worth waiting and if its worth waiting for the NA version. thnxs1eyeballs p.s love flapjack
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    Official Birth by Sleep Translation Request Thread

    Re: Ven's Scenario could someone plz post a link for when ven gets attacked by neoshadows because its causing controversey and i haven't seen it, thnx :)
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    Question about the keyblades

    im sorry i just dont know the answer to this. why do TAV's keyblades evolve? im not talking about the ones they got from worlds, im talking about their own ones, i dont see why or how they changed.
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    Master Eraqus' whereabouts

    thnx, real help :) 25252525525
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    Master Eraqus' whereabouts

    cool thnx, could you post a link to the Eraqus one?
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    Master Eraqus' whereabouts

    i've watched it quite a few times but where does it state that?? i think i missed it :(
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    Master Eraqus' whereabouts

    dunno if this has been brought up but i think ME's heart is in terra coz when he dies you see his body disintegrate but no heart. I say this coz when MX commits seppuku you see the body disintegrate then his heart up and leave. the way ME falls into terra just before also looks like the way sora...
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    is aqua talking to ansem the wise. also no audio here
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    Who is Vanitas?

    everything says its not xion but the face looks like xion, seriously and the hysterical laugh sounded feminine. im not saying its xion but just going with the evidence
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    Who is Vanitas?

    i myself dont belive what im about to say but doesnt it look like xion??
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    Episode 7 Summary! [SPOILERS]

    i agree with Lissar, there are still many unanswered questions
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    Who is Vanitas?

    At leat we know that Vanitas is someone we know else his face wouldn't be hidden. but unfortunately, we're never gonna know until the game comes out
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    Something that looks new

    soz guys, let it be closed then
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    Something that looks new

    i started watching this vid on youtube and it had gameplay i hadnt seen before. It contains things we already know but i hadnt seen the gameplay beore at the beginning. if this is old flame all you want :) YouTube - Kingdom Hearts News Part 17: NEW SCANS, JUMP FESTA 2010 COVERAGE & MORE!!!
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    [bbs] Josh Robert Thompson to voice Prince Phillip +Email Comfirmation

    this is funny, now everyone's gonna mail the poor dude :D soo happy that they've started recordings though, means it'll be out faster than expected :D
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    MX good or bad?

    personally i dont think he's evil. the secret ending made him look evil but now that we have more info on him now, to me he doesnt look as bad. i dont think he's that evil, but we're gonna havta wait and see :)