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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    yea traveling around disney land on a candy spaceship is really dangerous (sarcasm)
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    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Re: The Official Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread that guys a beast with aqua awesome win!!!... now roll credits (again)
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    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Re: The Official Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread aqua playthrough is on again
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    Which scenario do you think will reveal the most?

    while aquas might reveal the most i think that vens story will answer some of the biggest questions like his relation to sora and who vanitas is
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    master eraqus' armor

    if ME has armour did anyone consider MX having some? on a side note i would like to see what his armour looks like too.
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    so how long do you think we'll have to wait...

    if your counting on someone to get it early i would say around 2 days and a week for some of the translations and summaries
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    What if Vanitas is Master Eraqus?

    vanitas=ME its so crazy that it just might work!!!........no not really it doesn't make any sense ME super old and way taller than van. your theory is pretty creative though.
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    why are they running??

    if terra is suppose to be consumed by darkness and ven is suppose to be consumed by light what is aqua suppose to be?
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    Unversed are "prototypes" of Heartless.

    i like the idea of unverse evolving into heartless but xehonart has to be involved somewhere in there.
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    if the game didn't have journals how would we be able to feed our theories for the next game?
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    'His' name is...

    i would like to belive it someone different or even a new character from kh3 or somethinbut its most likely they are talking about sora
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    ME and MX/ Keyblade War theory

    thats totally possible. i think they should make a prequel to this prequel with MX and eraqus as playable characters in the keyblade war....EPIC!!!
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    Coincidence? (Not sure where this leads)

    awesome it seems like something along thoses lines could happen
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    makes sense but y cant they wield keyblades
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    Awakening, Ven

    it looks like just ven to me. slightly off topic, does anyone what during awakening anyway?
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    think King Mickey should be playable in BbS??

    i dont think hes playable i mean hes already been shown as a summon... but it wouldve been cool if we could
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    My Theory lol.......

    i luv a really vague theory it leaves room for improvement its possible though
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    Ansem the Wise - Kairi's father?

    i thought family didnt make a difference in kingdom hearts so does it matter
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    Vanitas Identity

    i like the theory even though it has some flaws reps for you good sir
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    Theory Concerning a Possible Xehanort/Terra Connection

    i heard this theory before... not a big fan