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  1. Keyblade Meister

    In-app purchases help

    So I downloaded the apk file on my tablet back when the game released but I'm just not noticing im not able to purchase jewels from the shop. Is there some special steps in other to configure the file to google play? I checked online but it seems to be specific to computers and is extremely...
  2. Keyblade Meister

    Possible Unchained X Update?!

    Although we all know how unreliable Wikipedia is there has recently been word on the western release situation added to the unchained x page, adding possible news about why the game has been taken so long to release. Sadly once again Wikipedia is known for its errors and open editing, so this...
  3. Keyblade Meister

    Why didn't Mickey or Yen Sid tell Sora about....

    I feel like that was always the case with Sora, I doubt he ever gets what the heck goes on regarding Xehanort or the keyblade war and kingdom hearts but he is motivated by the will to do good and the light that pushes him forward. Sora most likely just understands the gist of what's happening...
  4. Keyblade Meister

    Why didn't Mickey or Yen Sid tell Sora about....

    Oh okay now that explanation makes sense. I was mostly saying it was strange because in re coded and ddd he never told anyone who he was talking about but he referenced them as "His three friends" never mentioning their past relationship even after apparently meeting aqua and finding out what...
  5. Keyblade Meister

    Why didn't Mickey or Yen Sid tell Sora about....

    Sorry you are right Mickey hasn't met Roxas my mistake. Still the fact that Mickey never mentioned any of the 3 by name and doesn't add that he met Aqua long before the realm of darkness is strange don't you think?
  6. Keyblade Meister

    Why didn't Mickey or Yen Sid tell Sora about....

    Mickey didn't even mention their names since the events of bbs he always referred to them as the old friends. The events Mickey witnessed would have been a big help in solving Xehanort's plots in the game's progression however it was like Mickey barley remembered them. Also he definitely knew...
  7. Keyblade Meister

    Who else thought Ventus was Roxas at first?

    The first thing I saw with Ventus in it was the secret trailer so I was definitely scratching my head fooled that Roxas was somehow there but it only takes a little research about the game to find out otherwise.
  8. Keyblade Meister

    Do you think Aqua be saved in this game?

    I believe the 0.2 is basically gather and assembling the army for the war. Revolving around Aqua I believe she will be saved. Whether terra and ventus will in the game is unlikely seeing the game is supposed to be an hour or 2 long but it would definitely be done in kh3 beginning. Its all about...
  9. Keyblade Meister

    The "Unchained" Plane

    I apologize if this was already discussed in a past forum but I wanted to know more about Master Ava's words after the fight with the player when she mentioned the Unchained space and how does it connect with Ephemera? (I don't follow the Chi story, waiting for the English version but I have...
  10. Keyblade Meister

    How far behind is Unchained X story?

    So tomorrow Unchained X is getting 25 new story quest including the confrontation between the character and Master Ava. So with this update how far behind is the mobile version from the online version? https://twitter.com/KH13chi/status/684707027332022275
  11. Keyblade Meister

    Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Manga?

    The Kingdom Hearts X story line is one that gives information on the lore before the time of birth by sleep explaining the story of the foretellers and the keyblade war. This addition to the Kingdom hearts story, although having connections to the greatly intincipated Kh3, can be viewed as a...
  12. Keyblade Meister

    Roxas's appearance and connections

    Also to add during Roxas fight with Riku he barley remembered who Xion was. if grief unleashed that power it wouldn't it slowly leave him as they battle went on and he forgot
  13. Keyblade Meister

    Roxas's appearance and connections

    I believe the video will explain the explanation better. Roxas was a combination of two keybladers hearts which is why he can duel blade but as you can see in 358 Xion was making him weak and taking apart of him, soras memories etc, with Xion's death Roxas became whole and with Roxas's death...
  14. Keyblade Meister

    Roxas's appearance and connections

    This is kinda wrong. Xion was absorbing Roxas's powers which is why even though she was a 'puppet' she could use a keyblade. When Xion died Roxas was able to use the full extent of his abilities aka duel wielding.