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  1. swim126

    [Theory] Further Implications of the Replica Program?

    Before I start, if this has been discussed before, feel free to bash me. I don't care. So, we all know the whole basis of the Replica Program. But I have a feeling that it may go further than what we've seen. Hear me out... Approximately a week after Roxas was born, we got Xion, right? Xion...
  2. swim126

    HD Remasters Development

    It will probably take quite a while though to fix those nagging annoyances in some of the games.....
  3. swim126

    Platform for Birth by Sleep Volume 2?

    Re: Which console/handheld will Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Volume 2 be available to?
  4. swim126

    Birth By Sleep Volume 2 Opening Mock-Up

    Ha. This guy thinks they'll actually use Sanctuary. You forget Nomura's Hikari fetish.
  5. swim126

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    Dont get your hopes up. PSP2 is supposed to be coming late this year. But Nomura likes H.A.N.D. because it makes useless games that he can claim are "important"
  6. swim126

    Re:coded English Secret Ending

    Re: coded English Secret Ending Ah. Translation makes much more sense.
  7. swim126

    Why do they do this to us?

    Too much effort. 25 characters
  8. swim126

    Do you remember when you got Kingdom Hearts for the first time? Share your story here.

    I dont remember huge specifics about my first experience, but I do know that I didn't pick it out (i was 7!) and as I started playing, I remember watching the opening movie, thinking that (don't flame) the main character is a girl and the large chested person dying in the ocean is her mom. Holy...
  9. swim126

    who's the cloak guy in kh1??

    Seriously? Just why else would the "this world has been connected" speech the cloaked man makes at the beginning replay right before you fight ansem?
  10. swim126

    [kh3d] an off the wall 3d theory (spoilers)

    I'd like to see that, actually.
  11. swim126

    World Destroyal Question

    This may have already been posted, but I have a quick question. How was it that MX was able to destroy the LoD? I thought the only way was to access the heart of the world through the keyhole. But I was under the impression that only Eraqus (and Aqua) knew where the keyhole was. How was...
  12. swim126

    Nintendo Power Scans

    Wowzah! I always seem to get them in the mail a few days later than everyone else...stupid postal service.
  13. swim126

    So the "Secret Episode" will be a secret movie where you can control a character?

    I don't think MF will be involved, since he's in the game. And Nomura doesn't like to answer things in the same game. You've gotta have a separate game to explain it.
  14. swim126

    [Spoilers] KH 3D world travel

    I'd like to see the use of the star shard. It would make world travel much less cumbersome (Gummi routes in KH1? Screw it, ill warp instead.)
  15. swim126

    KHBBS FM new scans

    So I guess AF is now 100% confirmed to be some form of Eraqus....
  16. swim126

    Re:Coded Ultimania Director Interview

    Re: Coded Ultimania Director Interview ^_^ Yes! Finally! A few points I found interesting:
  17. swim126

    Armored Boss in KHBBS FM

    Thats me...always a day behind.
  18. swim126

    Armored Boss in KHBBS FM

    Based on his armor, I'd hazard a guess that he is some sort of "grand master". The helmet is much more ornate than those used by TAV.
  19. swim126

    Re:coded Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated!

    Re: coded Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated! Thanks for the translate!!! The parts at the end were quite interesting. He manages to answer the question and not reveal anything big. Still, I can't wait for the big one.
  20. swim126

    Ultimania interviews translated

    Awesome interviews, but honestly only the Shimomura one in there interested me. I just want Nomura's...