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  1. Bridgeman

    Is there anyway to re-obtain the dream sword?

    I don't think we'll ever really see the Dream Sword as a usable weapon throughout a main KH game, the signature weapon of Sora is after all the keyblade. Besides, why would you want a sword anyway. Every cookie cutter RPG has a main character that uses a sword. Keyblades are much more awesome.
  2. Bridgeman

    Why does DiZ ask Riku for his real name

    So when Riku told DiZ his name was "Ansem", DiZ believed Riku could no longer remember who he was?
  3. Bridgeman

    Why does DiZ ask Riku for his real name

    At the end of the 4th day, Riku asks DiZ whose nobody Namine is, then DiZ asks Riku what his real name is. It doesn't really make sense to me, doesn't DiZ recruit Riku after their Castle Oblivion thing happened? Riku telling DiZ his name is "Ansem" seems equally pointless. The only reason I can...
  4. Bridgeman

    I hope we get to see Sora and Elsa sing Let It Go together

    That would be super sweet
  5. Bridgeman

    It's an amazing coincedence Sora and Roxas never tried to summon the keyblade at the same time

    From everything I've seen and read Roxas used Sora's actual keyblade, which was possible because Sora was using a memory copy in Castle Oblivion. But still, Roxas existed before Sora even entered Castle Oblivion, and it's a pretty amazing coincedence that both of them never tried summoning it...
  6. Bridgeman

    3D is the only KH game I've played through once so far

    Kingdom Hearts DDD so far is the only game I couldn't get through. I can't deal with this stupid Pokemon Dream Eaters crap. And when it turns out the game is pretty hard too and I keep dieing, yeah fuck that. The only bad thing about it is I'm kinda out of the loop on the story, because...