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    Post your questions to the KH staff?

    Square enix members is offering the oppitunity to post your questions to the staff. You have to register I think but its a great site anyway, but yeah if you have a question which needs answering about 358/2 days this would be the time to put your uestion forward! All you have to do is click...
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    358/2 Days and The World Ends With You

    If you have played TWEWY this will probably make more sense to you than people who haven't. For those who have played past a certain point in TWEWY (The world ends with you) will know that there is a bit where Minamimoto goes on a rant about numbers. For those who haven't played TWEWY then all...
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    BBS 2008 Japan

    The frence seem to be getting alot of info. Cant say im complaining though but just want to say thats its unexected. I thought that only 358/2 was coming out this year :S Oh well looking forward to more news and relly good find :)
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    Tetsuya Nomura Interviews

    I noticed that people have been using the interviews in their theories and then peole reply "Where is the proof in that" Well the link below links you to alot of the reports and if you look in here I'm sure you can find what has been quoted. If not then you have proof that there lieing. BUT...
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    A couple of ideas

    Ok just a few things that sprung to mind when i was thinking about the coming games. 1. Do you think that any of the new games will show the whole forms of people from the organisation, for example Ienzo (Zexion)? 2. Will Sora's antiform have anything to do with the new games? Ok, so its only...
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    14 organization member

    Im undecided on whether it is Namine or Aqua nobody, both have good and reason why it could be that one. But one question i have is do you think that this new organization member is still alive after the end of KH2. If she is does what effect does that have on KH. Is that what Mickey was...