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    Betrayal of the Apprentices/Organization XIII(Spoilers)

    Zexion: He wants to forget the terrible things that Ansem did with him so he goes over to xehanort D: muahaha
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    A few theories and questions.

    yeah they existed always but dont were existend in the Realm of Light so they never appears as Villians
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    (Spoilers) Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa?

    Re: Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa? i dont like them both so D: lket them die
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    (Spoilers) Silver Headed Male

    Re: Silver Headed Male maybe its just riku after a couple of years he took resemblances of Ansem SoD within him so he will look like this
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    Aqua's Scenario

    Aqua never have met Sora until now D:
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    Theory about the Xblade

    So we all knew that the Xblade was created when Vanitas fuse with Ventus in the end. After they were deafeated by aqua the Xblade was destroyed. So what if the Xblade broke apart into the KK and IKK through the high resemblance and the fact that they never been seen before KH1. Second was that...
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    maybe a remake of the first 3 games for ps3? LOL :D:D:D
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    Secret Boss revealed? (Spoilers)

    yeah but dont means that it reveals anything in this game maybe we see vanitas back in another game so if sora need so save ven und wake him up he needs vanitas part
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    Secret Boss revealed? (Spoilers)

    dont think D: he didnt sayin something before so well got only some bonus or an item or the last report but nothing more
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    Terra's Scenario

    terra: come on touch it riku: i dont want to its ugly terra: TOUCH IT AND SAVE THE WORLD lol
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    maybe its the project name for the next title D: means that the story going around sora connects his past along to an end
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    Should the BBS production team make future installments?

    yeha they continue to make the next games they maked some mistakes but they did a good job with bbs so they should working on ne next one
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    Secret Boss revealed? (Spoilers)

    or must find the exact right deck commands wish will last for some days
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    dunno but if the had it than the other two must have the KK and IKK too
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    Secret Boss revealed? (Spoilers)

    how the hell will you defeat that thing?
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    Sora's Anti-Form Theory

    make some reviews: roxas could have a drive form because of his connection to xion (if 358/2 days plots were relased before kh2) maybe soras antiform is a connection to a dark person like riku...
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    -------------AtW's nobody?/Ven's memories are NOT in Sora

    you cant say that nomura planned the whole story of bbs during the first game...there will be always things that you cant explain
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    Sora's Anti-Form Theory

    drive forms work with the connections of soras heart. valor = goofy mage = donald master = dunno if yomeone find a rightone say it final = roxas
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    found the names on site 2 or 3 in this thread D:
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    nice thanks find it in my inventory D: guess ive oversleept some parts while im on playing since 3 days