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    Your Story

    So it's pretty established that we all have a special place in our heart. A plant that has blossomed and made us all the awesome people we are today. But what is it that binds us so close with this series? We have all joined fan sites, for some more than one. For me, it all started when I was...
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    Any 1up Fans?

    This is probably the wrong place to post this, but I'm more than a little upset, now really isn't the time to be a jerk about it. Does anyone know exactly what's going on? From what I gather, they got bought out by UGO, who is trying to be number 1 in the gaming press. I also understand that...
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    The Spirit

    It bleeds amazing. I enjoyed all of the humor, the art style (even if it was pretty 50's campy) the cheesy comic book action, and the somewhat transparent plot. I was expecting something like Sin City or Dark Knight, but I instead got something wholly unique and engaging. But I've heard many...
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    coded on itouch?

    Either was 3rd Birthday, or Agito XIII. These things happen. I would like to see it on Playstation Network personally. Or if they would include it with RE:COM. I'd pay 40$ for it.
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    I'm sure you just made alot of Demyx fans angry. He may not of been any good at fighting, but he did take a human form when he became a nobody, and as far as we know, that's only a small number of people.
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    As I played through the series recently I noticed that most worlds have one person who really knows that other worlds exist, (or at least talk about it.) Obviously King Mickey is the king of Disney Castle, and Ansem the Wise is the king of Radiant Garden/Hallow Bastion. Destiny Islands-...
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    Brave Story

    Anyone else ever played it? Its my favorite. Ropple is awesome. I never met anyone who has played it, but I want to know who your favorite character is.