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  1. J

    New Famitsu picture: Ienzo

    thank you. Ienzo is a midget!!! x]
  2. J

    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    The thing that really grind my gears ws when fighting a heartless and you leave the room! It doesn't matter if you had one more hit left on that heartless, the heartless gets all its hp back !!!
  3. J

    Demyx Special Mission 62

    Demyx is EXTREMELY lazy! :/
  4. J

    How much do you figure got cut from this game?

    I watched every scene (even those ice cream ones) hoping one of them will add something to the plot. & 9/10, nothing ever happens. =/
  5. J

    How much do you figure got cut from this game?

    eh, Personally, I could have used less of the ice cream scenes and more of the stuff you are talking about. Don't get me wrong. I liked the Roxas-Axel-Xion relationship, but having those pointless scenes after every mission is, well, pointless.
  6. J

    Cutscene Glitch

    ahahaha, when I read the title of the post I knew what cutscene you were talking about :] It ain't no glitch.
  7. J

    The only thing i dont understand...

    Next year we will know. ( that's when Birth by Sleep comes out ;] ) Days answered a few questions that I never thought of before, and gave me more questions. Like the scene you are talking about.
  8. J

    Mission Mode

    Mission mode is relatively easy... Challenges are a bitch though :]
  9. J

    Excluding Axel and Xion, which other members do you think got on well with Roxas?

    Yeah, I know what you mean. At first I thought Demyx's laziness was cute and funny. But, it got quite annoying.
  10. J

    Excluding Axel and Xion, which other members do you think got on well with Roxas?

    Xigbar definitely!! He was like the cool big brother. &maybe Luxord. They didn't seem to mind each other's company :] Demyx seems pretty chill to Roxas too. people who roxas probably hated: SAIX, that asshole, Xemnas, Xaldin, Larzene is just a bith, and no one cares for Lexaeus. I know who?
  11. J

    I dont understand

    Maybe that's why they axed the world? Before the game came out there were images of pinnochio and his dad(like the ones you see in a dialog box) Personally, I wouldn't mine having an extra world. There were only a handful in Days.
  12. J

    Crisis Core like Birth By Sleep?

    Birth by Sleep will be EPIC! :]
  13. J

    coded Episode 5 "Agrabah" [SPOILERS]

    She destroys his keyblade? 0_o At first, I thought Coded was going to be useless. But now I'm think otherwise :]
  14. J

    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    cool. Looking forward to the game. n_n
  15. J

    Who will you use first/effect.

    There's a thread like this already but OK. :] In order: Aqua, Ven, &&Terra. ^^^save the best for last n_n
  16. J

    Do the organization Coats Have a special meaning?

    The coats, besides looking bad ass, protect the wearer from being swallowed by darkness. That's why both Riku and Mickey wear them as well.
  17. J

    What exactly is namine??

    I always wondered if Namine had real feelings. Since she is a special nobody and all.
  18. J

    MX's eyes in trailer

    Ok, thanks. :] I"mma check Heartstation. I read they have a quick sketch on it.
  19. J

    MX's eyes in trailer

    I've been hearing all about this new video, but I can't seem to find it. Would one of you guys care to give the link out? :] THanks.
  20. J


    Well, personally I think fear is more of an instinct than an emotion. That or there was a huge plot hole there. So, I'm going with the first one. :]