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  1. TraceNReap

    Could Axel's Torment Already Be Mended?

    No, Nomura said that the heartless needs to be defeated before the nobody.
  2. TraceNReap

    Connection between Terra and Riku.

    Exactly and didn't he go again after being placed in CO??
  3. TraceNReap

    Connection between Terra and Riku.

    That's what I thought too but isn't this after Ven went to Soras heart the first time? Because didn't Ven go to Sora's heart when sora was first born, then again after he was put in CO?
  4. TraceNReap

    Connection between Terra and Riku.

    Damn, I guess Riku is just a really sharp kid. Lol
  5. TraceNReap

    Connection between Terra and Riku.

    Yeah Riku is smart and all but to be that on point? I think it means something more.
  6. TraceNReap

    Connection between Terra and Riku.

    Could it be deeper that we thought? Well we know that Terra gave Riku the ability to wield a Keyblade. But could Terra have visited Riku's heart at some time in the story. I think so. My evidence is from the " Where the Heart Goes" video in the trinity archives. when Riku addresses that Sora...
  7. TraceNReap

    ANOTHER MF Theory (slightly based on other theories so far)

    "cause its a secret boss, a way for nomura to introduce a new character and give us a hard boss. just cause the character is canon doesnt mean that the actual fight is." I agree with this but the fight may be very canon. Let me explain. In all of the KH games I've played and seen you get a...
  8. TraceNReap

    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    Sorry to be really stupid but tell me if i have this right because i didnt read all 53 pages :/. So he may be a good guy, have time travel, and has weapons similar to Xemnas' Ethereal Blades?
  9. TraceNReap

    Is this true?!

    Yeah where did you find your info? Link please? Edit: Late post.
  10. TraceNReap

    Ansem question

    We don't know how time works there which is why HeartSeams said "11 Light Realm Years." I think time is slowed down but by how much is simply unable to be calculated as of now, or until Tetsuya tells us.
  11. TraceNReap

    Playstation Magazine Review

    Can someone tell me what this Data-Install option is?
  12. TraceNReap

    Fates of Aqua, Terra, and Ven.

    Yeah because if they went to save everyone it could result in losing Sora or Riku and thats kinda stupid, I mean to save Ventus you would need to take away a part of Sora........neither Aqua nor Ansem the Wise would go so far.
  13. TraceNReap

    Nomura and team start preparing for TGS, namely a new Re:coded trailer.

    I doubt 4-5 minutes but 2-4 sounds about right to me. I can't wait for a new trailer. I want to see cutscenes of the secret ending.
  14. TraceNReap

    Kingdom Hearts: Coded and Re:Coded

    Oh, I see. Thanks alot :D
  15. TraceNReap

    Kingdom Hearts: Coded and Re:Coded

    Hey everyone, I have read about KH:Coded and Re:Coded but still don't fully understand what they are about. So can anyone tell the story behind Coded and what Re: Coded may be about, also how it connects to the overall plot. Thanks :D ~Trace
  16. TraceNReap

    Heya Forums!

    Heya! I'm TraceNReap, but just call me Trace. Uhh yeah :D